BioWare Sez: “Japan, Your RPGs Suck.”

According to Greg Zeschuk, co-founder of BioWare, JRPGs are not very good. Especially when compared with the so-called vastly superior WRPGs that his company happens to produce. Here’s what he had to say about Japan’s fall from grace when it comes to role-playing:

“The fall of the JRPG in large part is due to a lack of evolution, a lack of progression… They kept delivering the same thing over and over. They make the dressing better, they look prettier, but it’s still the same experience.

“My favorite thing, it’s funny when you still see it, but the joke of some of the dialogue systems where it asks, ‘do you wanna do this or this,’ and you say no. ‘Do you wanna do this or this?’ No. ‘Do you wanna do this or this?’ No. Lemme think — you want me to say ‘yes.’ And that, unfortunately, really characterized the JRPG.”

While Zeschuk does have a point, it’s a tad bit ironic considering that BioWare has essentially been doing the same thing since Baldur’s Gate back in the late 90s. And re: the dialogue trees in many Japanese offerings, while it’s true that it’s often way too clear what you’re supposed to respond with, I’d gladly take that over the sleep-inducing conversations in Mass Effect.

Point being, just because it’s linear doesn’t mean that it’s not fun. Not at all. Via Destructoid.