Hey, It’s Tetris Tuesday!

Let’s face it: Tetris is simply the best video game of all time. Going down the many reasons why would take forever, plus be pointless anyway, since we all know this simple fact of life to be true. Hence why it makes sense to believe that if one takes a game, any game, and combine it with Tetris, the end result will be vastly superior!

To prove this theory, let’s take a game that everyone also love already, like the original Super Mario Bros, and add some falling/rotatable blocks. The end result? Tuper Tario Bros.

Okay, how about combining Tetris with… a dating simulator? That’s basically what Jewelry Master Twinkle is, which was recently released for the Xbox 360’s Indie Games channel.


Unfortunately, the puzzle aspects are not entirely Tetris-like: along with standard blocks are jewel pieces that form into long, branching pieces when they make contact with each other, and which get in the way of clearing standard blocks. Which sucks because clearing blocks is the only way to get the girls to yap. Oh well.

Via Kotaku and Siliconera.

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