Is This How You Play Geometry Wars With Project Natal?

Thank God for cell phones that can easily and covertly shoot a quick video. Or so I’m guessing that’s the back-story behind this clip, from some holiday party where a developer has their hands on a Natal dev kit and is demonstrating how Geometry Wars works with it:

Or, thank God for YouTube and stupid game blogs (like this one!) to help spread potential b.s. as possible news. After watching the video about five times (full disclosure: as a guy that’s nuts for alternative means of gaming, I’m SUPER interested in Natal and obsess over every little detail that comes down the pipeline), I’ve yet to see any correlation between the actions performed by the dude and what’s happening onscreen. Note: that doesn’t mean this video is necessarily fake, I just hope it is. Otherwise, Natal might not be all that it’s cracked up to be. Or it could indeed be a faker and the egg’s on my face!

Via Destructoid. BTW, a bonus YouTube vid, one that’s been making the rounds all day. It’s the N64 kid, but updated:

To be honest, THIS seems more set-up than the first one. I’m assuming the parents enticed him with an extra boisterous reaction by promising him a DSi off camera, or something like that.