Latest Transformers Game Looking Somewhat Decent, Maybe

Game Informer, which has become the de-facto online resource for all things related to the latest skirmish between the Autobots and Decepticons, entitled Transformers: War For Cybertron, just let loose some concept art behind the game. Check out what Optimus Prime now looks like:


It’s you’re like me, the reaction such an image musters is a somewhat along the lines of “It’s okay… I guess.” Much like those who grew up on Star Wars, the characters and the world that we used to find so fascinating, and which were even an integral part of our childhoods, no longer hold any special meaning. And that’s squarely due to all the ill conceived and poor executed tinkering and updates to the formula. Worst is how the crappy revamps have been openly accepted by the youth of today.

Anyhow, while it’s nice that this current game has nothing to do with the mind-numbingly retarded live action flicks, one can’t help buy ask: what’s the point? Why can’t folks who have the power to do so simply give people what they want: Optimus vs Megatron on earth, circa 1985. Period. That’s it. End of story. I’m so sick of Megatron being something other than a pistol. Oh great, once again, he’s a tank!


Robot mode is hardly better; when did it become standard fare that every robot has to have way too many angles and needless little details?


Listen, we get it: you want to delve into the past and both create and explore some backstory, plus at the same time offer your own spin on familiar faces. But here’s the deal: NO ONE CARES ABOUT THAT STUFF. If so, the plethora of comics that deal with such subject matter would be far greater hits (okay, poor example, maybe). I could give a rat’s ass about the Transformers on their home planet; most of the fun was seeing them on earth and interacting (as well as mimicking) earth objects. Why is this such an impossible basic fact to grasp?

Well, at least my personal fave (and most everyone else’s) bad guy, Soundwave looks not as bad.


But then again, he still looks silly as well. Oh well. I also realize that I’m making way too big of a stink at this point. Then again, if the game does end up kicking ass, that might actually be worse. I also realize that this latest game stands a chance to do very well, but just imagine how much more money could be generated by appeasing all the old time fans? Are am I just another idiot blinded by nostalgia? Time to wait and see I guess.