Full Release: Movies


It’s the first real movie release week of the New Year, and the cinema gods are smiling on us with a double-dose of entertaining violencefests for our enjoyment. But it’s not all lowbrow funtimes this installment, as we actually have a fair number of flicks to get through. Without further ado, here are my quick takes on this week’s movie releases.

Daybreakers – Why yes, I do sort of like vampires, especially super violent vampires that enjoy screwing people up instead of moping around Forks, Washington sparkling and not having sex. In the far future, nearly everybody on Earth has been infected with the vampirism plague, and pure humans are a rarity, farmed for their life-sustaining hemoglobin. A great cast includes Ethan Hawke as a researcher who develops what may be a solution – or may doom vampires forever. Lots of gore and some plot twists are promised. I’ll have a review later today.

Youth In Revolt – Is Michael Cera done yet? I’m as big an Arrested Development fan as the next guy, but this kid just ain’t a movie star. He’s a nice kid who keeps getting put in movies because of his haircut or something. This looks like it could be a little funnier than his usual fare, as Cera plays Nick Twisp, a nerdy teen who develops a suave alter ego to romance a summer fling. And grows a mustache.

Bitch Slap – A gleeful throwback to the halcyon days of “bad girl” exploitation flicks, this baby looks like it would fit right in on an episode of USA Up All Night that you watched from under a blanket. Three hot chicks team up to heist a pile of diamonds, but since they’re currently in the possession of a ruthless crimelord things kind of get complicated. Sex plus violence = opening night for me. Expect a review on this today as well. Watch the trailer here.

Leap Year – Oh, look, it’s a romantic comedy where a lady goes a place with a dude and while she’s there she meets another dude from the place and they fall in love. The place is Ireland, the lady is Amy Adams, the movie is for chicks

Crazy On The Outside – It’s a family comedy starring Tim Allen as a mental patient. It wasn’t screened for critics, which means it’s amazing.

Waiting For Armageddon – Terrifying-looking documentary on how Christian Fundamentalism and American foreign policy are basically herding the world towards nuclear holocaust. Doesn’t that sound fun?

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