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On Tuesday I kick-started a brand new regular segment/feature/blog post category/whatever the heck you wanna call it in which games that are worth the effort of pre-ordering at GameStop are highlighted. Well here’s another one, but the focus this time is downloadable content, and I’ve got two items to start things off; first up, a brand new XBLA title that just came out called the Misadventures Of P. B. Winterbottom

As you can see, it’s another wacky indie game that plays around with time, much like Braid. But in this instance, the core gameplay involved you creating clones of yourself that all perform previous executed actions and then interacting with essentially yourself in a non-linear fashion. That make any sense? I’m assuming if the trailer left your head spinning, I doubt putting the game into words will make things any clearer; just download the demo and see for yourself. I only just started playing it, but it’s loads of fun, but if you still can’t be bothered, look for my review in the coming days.

Somewhat related to the subject of cheap-asses, and moving onto the PS3, Capcom is having a sale on their offerings over at the PlayStation Network. One title a week for the next five weeks will be offered at a deep discount, and the first one up is Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 for just $7.49! The rest of the expected offerings can be found here but other than Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo in two weeks, there’s really not much to get excited about. Don’t even get me started on the HD remix of Super SF2 proper… or maybe I will, next week, when it comes out!

And finally, the first of two downloadable episodes for Resident Evil 5 finally came out, yesterday on XBL and today on PSN. As previously noted , two extra chapters are being added to RE5 (which will eventually be all combined to form Gold Edition, and this one is that flashback mission featuring Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, plus some additional characters for Mercenaries mode, Excella Gionne and Barry Burton, have been thrown in for good measure.

The second installment, with Jill teaming up with Josh Stone, and even more Mercenaries peeps, hits March 3rd and 4th for the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, respectively.

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