Terminator Sells For $30 Million


Well, the trigger’s finally been pulled, and the Terminator franchise has a new owner. You would think that James Cameron would shell out a little of his Avatar cash to save the series that he got started with, but it wasn’t to be. Both Sony Pictures and Lionsgate were in the running, and then in an unprecedented move the two studios actually teamed up to try and secure joint ownership. But at about 8PM last night, Santa Barbara-based hedge fund Pacificor spent $30 million for full ownership of the franchise. Pacificor, of course, is the same company that pushed Halcyon Holding Corp, the former owners, into bankruptcy. We know that Lionsgate had wanted to pursue a full reboot of the series, getting back to the gritty realism of the first movie, but what Pacificor has in mind is a complete mystery. Deadline has more.