The Tester Looks To Be As Bad As It First Sounded

Remember my mention of a video game reality show a few weeks back? Well here’s the trailer:

And yeah… oy vey indeed. As somewhat amusing as the trailer was (which is really stretching it), I can’t imagine actually watching actual episodes of this nonsense.

A few of things:

– I know video games is no longer kids stuff, but Sony having gamers test their mettle by consuming breakfast cereal mixed with beer is just a stupid idea and sends out the wrong message, period.

– I also love how only one of the numerous and idiotic activities that the team must engage in is actually related to video games. Generally speaking, when a reality show revolves around an occupation; as douchey as The Apprentice, it’s all about impressing the boss, Donald Trump, which at least makes sense. Oh sorry, dressing up like a Viking is supposed to display teamwork. Cuz that’s the most important trait when your job is to playtest Singstar: Spin Doctors Edition for 160 hours straight to find any bugs, teamwork.

– Though the lack of actual game playing might have something to do with the fact that there are hardly any games on the PS3. Ha! Sad but true, and certainly not helping is the colorful assortment of douchebag hosts, with the clear women being the producer of PlayStation Home (lol). Again, at least the snobby judges in America’s Top Model are attractive and have fashion sense (in some people’s eyes, certainly not mine). These are video game makers for Christ’s sake. Course, this only proves one long-standing truth: who hates nerds more than anyone else? OTHER NERDS.

The Tester will be available for viewing via the PSN on your PS3 and PSP starting February 18th.

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