Breakthrough Band: Surfer Blood

Surfer BloodAfter featuring so many beach, sunset and balearic flavoured bands in this column in the past, I really tried hard to avoid coming up with anything to do with the aforementioned. As you can see, I kind of failed, but seriously, the inevitable pick for this week is Surfer Blood, so hold on and stay with us, unless you want to miss out on a really good indie rock album. While there are definitely traces of surf-rock reverb, lots of fuzzed out guitars and the occasional tropical percussion bits, their first full-length ‘Astro Coast’ primarily delivers power-pop along the lines of Weezer’s Blue Album.

Nearly all songs on the album are immediately accessible and catchy as hell while they are definitely not simple but well-crafted with attention to detail and full of twists and turns. Singer John Paul Pitts, also dubbed the ‘The Mastermind’ by the rest of the band, varies well in-between the vocal delivery of The Shins’ James Mercer and yeah, well, actually sometimes I was reminded of Thursday and the rather short phase I spent listening to post-hardcore and emo – but the good thing is that I won’t have to be ashamed of stating that I love Surfer Blood a couple of years later.

Listen to the album’s outstanding track ‘Swim’ after the jump.

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