Metroid: The Entire First Game In Less Than Ten Minutes

Alright, time to officially kick off Heavy’s month long celebration of Metroid! We’re here to get all hot and bothered for the new title coming out, Other M, as well as remind ourselves of the overall greatness that the name Metroid exemplifies. Like that’s going to be difficult or anything; there’s like a billion reasons why everyone’s been gaga for the franchise since day one (and we’ll be doing our best to cover the most important and noteworthy ones).

Though at the very top of that list is how the games themselves are simply works of genius, pure and simple. Take the very first one for example; to say ground was broken on the Nintendo Entertainment System is a laughable understatement. Who could have thought that a kid’s toy back in 1986 would be capable of providing such an insanely deep world to explore, otherworldly sights and sounds, or sensations of fear and isolation?

Installment #1 of the series was the first in many regards; never before had the notion of backtracking ever been incorporated into an action title, and it was the first to feature a female lead in any game that was actually empowered, let alone to such a degree. Before her was, what, Ms. Pac Man? She was cool and all, but hardly the figurehead of pixelated woman’s lib that Samus Aran would become. Plus she was a gender bender! Sorta. Well, most folks at least thought it was a dude (or robot) they were initially controlling.

For those unfamiliar with the original, time to get acquainted, in Cliffs Notes fashion; here’s a tool assisted speed run, from start to finish. Meaning some dude tried to sit down and beat a 10+ hour game in 10 minutes, and succeed, with the help of some tricks under his sleeves. Worth noting is how the game features Samus without her suit, which only happens after you beat the game. The player is clearly a show off in every sense of the word.

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