This Week In Gaming News

A non-Apple tablet worth caring about? Eating tacos will get you a free Vita? An internet petition that may actually work? Yes, yes, and yes!

CES 2012 [BoxTitle]CES 2012 Didn’t Have Much Of Note For Gamers[/BoxTitle]

Once upon a time, the Consumer Electronic Show was where game makers went to debut new hardware and software. But after E3 was formed, CES became rather pointless and redundant. And these days, the show is nothing more than a place to show off new iPhone cases and Android tablets that no one will care about.

But some game folks still show up, and some relevant goods are disclosed. Like Microsoft, who revealed that the Kinect is coming to PCs on February 1, with a price tag of $250. Which is a hundred dollars more than on the Xbox 360, due the lenses on the unit being different. Meaning owners of the console version will not be able to simply hook it up to their computers after-all.

As for Sony, they announced the Xperia S, the latest cellphone of theirs to be PlayStation certified. Unlike the (relatively) well-known Xperia Play, it is purely touchscreen based, meaning no dedicated PS-stylized buttons. This brings it closer to the iPhone, and getting rid of any advantage of the former phone in the process.

As noted, CES was filled with all manner of tablets, most of which will fail because Apple isn’t behind them. Although there was one that may take off. Aside from the fact that it isn’t just another Android device is how it’s essentially a portal, touchscreen based PC. One that is powerful enough to run PC games, sans porting or dumbing down.

No price has been announced, but thus far with all the buzz it has received (mostly due to its striking, dual analog stick assisted interface), the Project Fiona looks very promising.

Microsoft’s Plans To Offer TV Subscriptions Are On Hold
Despite not being publicly announced, everyone has been assuming that MS would begin streaming television content to their customers. Primarily via the Xbox 360, since it’s already the home to dedicated apps by partners Netflix, Hulu, and UFC to that serve such purpose. But it has been reported that such plans are on hold due to cost; MS simply can’t afford the high prices that content providers are demanding.

Mole Kart Finally Arrives In The US
All the major gaming blogs were abuzz this week when the existence of Mole Kart became known. The iOS has been home to many blatant rip offs of Nintendo IPs, but the Mario Kart clone was a whole new level of shameless copycatting. The fact that it’s so technically impressive is also noteworthy. But when no one could find it in the App Store, everyone assumed that Apple had figured out what the deal was and gotten rid of it. Apparently not – it’s just arrived in America and is currently available for purchase.

Taco Bell Vita Giveaway [BoxTitle]Sony Is Teaming Up With Taco Bell To Help Promote The Vita[/BoxTitle]

Starting on the 26th, the fast food giant will start distributing special codes in their “$5 Buck Box” that, when redeemed online may net the upcoming handheld totally free. Two other methods will also be available: a yet to be released mobile app, which sounds like an ARG title, and by submitting a video to demonstrate why one is deserving to be a winner. Basically, the greater the humiliation factor, the greater the chances.

The Petition For The PC Version Of Dark Souls May Actually Be Effective
An online petition asking for a PC version of the sadomasochistic dungeon crawler for consoles began circulating recently. And after netting about 64,000 signatures, the publisher of the game, Namco Bandai, is reported seriously considering the option. Nothing has been announced, but it’s rare that such things even get the attention of their intended target in the first place.

Street Fighter 25th Anniversary [BoxTitle]Capcom Set To Celebrate Street Fighter and Mega Man Later This Year[/BoxTitle]

The publisher recently revealed a logo that will be used to help celebrate the 25th birthday of the Street Fighter franchise. No plans have been detailed, though the release of Street Fighter X Tekken will surely be an integral part. Meanwhile another logo was hidden within the iOS version of Mega Man X that indicates the same for the blue bomber, even though that initiative hasn’t even been announced officially.