‘Teen Wolf’ Season 3 Comic-Con 2013 Panel: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heavy is live at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 bringing you the latest news on panels, screenings and everything pop culture!

Teen Wolf is one of the hottest shows on MTV right now, which meant that when the scripted supernatural drama came to Comic-Con, there wasn’t going to be an empty seat in the house. Here’s what you need to know from the electrifying panel…

1. Actor Tyler Posey Got Some New Ink

teen wolf comic con 2013

Actor Tyler Posey revealed that during the off season between seasons 2 and 3 he took the time to get some new tattoos and get his motorcycle license. He also revealed that while he felt “pretty badass” the network and series creator Jeff Davis were more concerned for his safety.

2. Lydia’s Big Secret is Coming Out

Okay, so we know that at the end of season 1 she was bitten but neither died nor turned, so what gives. Don’t fret, the big secret about what Lydia actually is will finally be revealed in episode 9!

3. Actor Keahu Kahuanui Made a Special Appearance in Disguise

Teen Wolf SDCC 2013 Crowd Reaction to Panel2013-07-19T01:29:45.000Z

While most the main cast of Teen Wolf was seated upfront on the panel, actor Keahu Kahuanui was nowhere to be seen. That is until the fan question part of the show when a mysterious cloaked figure stepped to the mic. Keahu Kahuanui revealed himself and the crowd went wild. His question, “Where’s Danny’s seat?”

4. Stiles and Allison are Still Close

Stiles is calling out the continuing virgin sacrifices that are continuing and keeps a close connection to Alison. Oh, he also gets laid.

5. Winter Season Returns in January

teen wolf comic con 2013

Following a sneak peek of what to expect, series creator Jeff Davis announced that the Winter Season starts back up on January 6th at 10pm. Set your DVRs!

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