Andy Dick Back in Rehab After Video of Drunk Public Urination [VIDEO]

Andy Dick


According to sources Andy Dick’s drinking problem is back …

Radar Online reports, Andy recently had another “uh-oh” moment when it comes to his drunken escapades. Just last month, he was caught urinating in a public area. But — this isn’t the first time. In fact, the source claims, Andy is pretty notorious for doing outrageous things when he is intoxicated.

According to Wetpaint, another worried inside source said this:

Right now, everyone is just waiting for him to get arrested and thrown in jail. That’s the only way he’ll get the help he needs.

Is that truly what it will take for Andy to snap out of his behavior and get a reality check?
But, Andy’s worsening alcoholism has his close friends and family on the tips of their toes. Recently, the source reports, it even got so bad his friends and family had to force him into a treatment center against his will. The initial decision to do so happened after his loved ones planned an intervention for him, deciding it was now or never. However, things didn’t go exactly as they planned.

This is what an insider to Andy’s family told Radar:

…he left almost right away and you can’t keep somebody there who doesn’t want to be there.

Loves ones are reportedly very worried for Andy’s well-being and don’t know where else to turn.

Check out the footage of Andy’s scandalous public act below!

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