Iraq Vet NFL Cheerleader Busted for Beating Up Boyfriend in Drunken Rage ON VIDEO

megan welter cheerleader veteran beats up boyfriend

Megan Welter, a 29-year-old NFL cheerleader for the Arizona Cardinals who served her country in the Iraq war, was arrested on her birthday after a wild fight with her boyfriend that was captured on cellphone video.

Here’s what you should know about this unfortunate situation.

1.She Was Busted on Her Birthday

Megan Welter


According to Daily Mail, Welter was arrested on Saturday, July 20, in Scottsdale, Arizona, after allegedly beating her boyfriend, Ryan McMahon. Sources report the couple has just come home from a bar crawl to celebrate Welter’s 29th birthday, and that’s when things got ugly.

2. She Accidentally Called The Cops on Herself

While McMahon claims Megan did the beating, at first it was Megan who called the police. She called 911 and told police that McMahon had tried to choke her and hit her head against a tile. Then — up in arms about the fight and desperately wanting McMahon to leave, Megan began to assault him by scratching him and pulling his hair.

3. She Was Just the Subject of Tribute Articles Right Before the Meltdown

The day before her arrest, Welter was all over the Internet with inspiration tributes to her service to the country — and what an interesting background that is for an NFL cheerleader.

Yahoo! Shine called reported:

The third generation soldier—her father and grandfather both served in the military-—knew that, by going into officer training, she had a “100 percent chance” of being sent to Iraq. “I thought it was the right thing to do.”

4. Welter Recently Had An Abortion

The argument that happened between the couple at the time was more than “light.” According to a source, Welter recently had an abortion, and apparently it was done without consent from McMahon. The couple was allegedly having an argument over it, when all of a sudden something new was thrown into the mix. Apparently, McMahon had sent a “flirty” text message to an ex-girlfriend — something Welter was not happy about.

5. This Video of The Assault Was Taken By Her Boyfriend

Amidst all the tension and confusion, McMahon didn’t know what to do so he just pulled out his phone and started filming. Luckily he did, as it ended up as evidence for the cops that arrived shortly thereafter!

Check out the cellphone footage her boyfriend took above.

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