Sean Kingston Sued for Alleged Gang Rape of Carissa Capeloto

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Sean Kingston and his bodyguard are in a lot of trouble. Allegedly, the two of them gang-raped a drunk teen at a Seattle hotel back in 2010. According to TMZ, the famous singer denies this ever happened. And apparently, a member of Kingston’s band was involved as well. Capeloto supposedly thought she was going to Kingston’s hotel for a meet-and-greet after a Justin Bieber concert. When she arrived, Kingston was naked on his bed. Capeloto claims to have been overly intoxicated when the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston.

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According to Capeloto, a friend later came into the room and police were called. Capeloto was taken to the hospital and treated for injuries consistent with rape. The lawsuit is based on Capeloto claiming to have been smoking marijuana and drinking shots of vodka, making her “obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent.”

The girl, now 22, claims her life has been ruined and filled with panic attacks. She also says she now suffers from mood swings and insomnia because of the incident. Capeloto is suing the men for $5 million minimum for her pain and suffering. Criminal charges were dropped three years ago after cops decided that Capeloto wasn’t credible for a legitimate case and Kingston has filed documents that the sex was completely consensual.

A trial is set for November, 2013. However, Kingston is already feeling the wrath of this trial. TMZ reported:

Sean was scheduled to perform at the University of Western Ontario on September 7th for the school’s Orientation week — but the school pulled the plug Friday, saying, “Having Mr. Kingston perform could cloud the values surrounding O-Week,” adding the school has “zero tolerance for sexual assault.”

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