Lottie Tomlinson Lets Loose on Larry Shippers Over Instagram Photo

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The sub-group of One Direction fans called the Larry Shippers, who fantasize about band-mates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson being in love, are under attack. So, is it justified or not? Here’s the run-down.

A Larry Shippers fan, who goes by the Twitter handle @thelarrylegacy, posted a photo of the two One Direction boys (Harry and Louis) on Instagram and sparked a fire inside Lottie Tomlinson, Louis’ sister … Hey, you can’t blame the girl for defending her brother, can you?

Lottie seemed to have been fed up with Larry Shippers thinking her brother is gay and fans are divided on their opinions.

Lottie further expressed her upset via Instagram in the post below.

We know the fandom can be overwhelming, but hopefully everyone’s hearts are in the right place. We all love Harry, Louis, and Louis’ sister Lottie …

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