WATCH: Neil Patrick Harris’ Emmy Awards 2013 Introduction

Neil Patrick Harris is again hosting the Emmy Awards. Check out the opening of the introduction video above.

Surrounded by television sets, Neil Patrick Harris begins by “binge watching” a year’s worth of television in order to bring him up to date for the Emmy Awards. Then, he eerily notices the television characters see him and begin to communicate with him. This, of course, leads to a small “dance montage.” NPH continues to communicate with the TV sets, highlighting many of the Emmy’s nominees. Finally, NPH makes his way to the stage for his opening monologue, talking about what a historic year in television it has been. After a joke about Paula Deen, Jimmy Kimmel gives NPH a thumbs up, cheering him on from his seat before he runs onto the stage to tell NPH he should really absorb the moment. Then he mentions that Jane Lynch wasn’t asked back to host the Emmys.

Watch NPH get schooled by all the past hosts in the second part of his opening in the video below.

Jane Lynch then comes onto stage and says she wasn’t asked back because she’s a woman. Jimmy Fallon then comes on to tell NPH that he needs to do a musical number like he did for the Tony Awards. NPH says he won’t be doing that right before Conan O’Brien interrupts him onstage, telling the audience that he hosted the Emmys way before NPH. Then, the camera zooms in on Kevin Spacey in his seat who says, “It’s all going according to my plan,” referring to the arguing amongst the stars onstage as Spacey claims to have been asked to host the awards.

Soon, two hecklers … Amy Poehler and Tina Fey … Need we say more? The two of them tell NPH to twerk as they sit front row wearing 3D glasses and eating popcorn. The two then pretend their dresses are too tight to make it onstage to present the first award.

If you’re sad that there was no singing or dancing in NPH’s intro, check out Neil Patrick Harris’ opening number from this year’s Tony Awards 2013 to get a little taste.

View more coverage of the Emmys below:

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