Robin Roberts Comes Out of the Closet as Gay on Facebook

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Robin Roberts from Good Morning America, who recently scored herself a hefty $20 million contract with the show, has come out of the closet in a post on Facebook. She’s overcome cancer and so many obstacles over the past year … With the year coming to a close, Roberts has written a post reflecting on her year of triumph, to show her gratitude for life. Oh, and to mention her longtime girlfriend Amber Laign. Read her post below:

According to TMZ, Laign and Roberts have been together for 10 years and met through mutual friends. Apparently, all of Roberts’ family and friends have known she was gay for years, so this was no secret. TMZ reports:

Amber is a massage therapist who specializes in helping people with injuries. As for their relationship … our sources say Amber was utterly devoted to Robin when she went through both of her illnesses, breast cancer in 2007 and Myelodysplastic Syndrome in 2012. Robin was extremely ill and we’re told Amber was her rock.

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