Jeremy Bieber, Justin Bieber’s Dad: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jeremy Bieber, Justin’s father, has be catching a lot of heat after his son’s arrest and recent legal troubles. Many sources are saying that Jeremy is a bad influence on the Biebs, but is that really the case? Take a look at the 5 Fast Facts on Jeremy Bieber and judge for yourself … Is Jeremy an enabler or is he just a good dad who’s there for his son?

1. Pattie and Jeremy Bieber Split When Justin Was 13 Years Old

When Justin had turned 13, his parents realized they should call it quits just like any other couple who realized they were better apart. Daily Mail reports that:

The heavily tattooed Jeremy, once a notorious troublemaker known to police for his heavy drinking and fighting, barely featured in his son’s upbringing in Ontario, Canada. He was a martial arts enthusiast who separated from Justin’s mother, Pattie, when the boy was 13 months old.

That’s quite a strong statement about Jeremy Bieber, but maybe things weren’t so cut and dry for the couple. Justin’s mom Pattie apparently didn’t have the easiest time raising her son. After getting pregnant at the young age of 17, she gave birth to Justin in a Salvation Army hostel, relying on food banks and others for help, while trying to maintain her Christian faith. The Biebers worked hard to raise a son who has now become successful beyond their wildest dreams.

2. Jeremy Is a Very Supportive Parent

Just a few hours ago, Jeremy Bieber posted a single word on Twitter – proud. He’s also posted some choice words against the police, media, and/or less than supportive onlookers in defense of his son. Read the below tweet he posted in support of Justin.

While Jeremy appears to be very close to his son and a great dad, many are questioning if he’s too supportive, enabling bad behavior. For example, the NY Daily News wrote a whole article about Jeremy Bieber being a bad influence on his son. The news source wrote:

Jeremy Bieber, 38, was partying with his famous son at SET nightclub in Miami Wednesday night and was in the SUV caravan that allegedly blocked traffic so the “Baby” singer could drag race.

So, do you think Jeremy is a bad influence on Justin or do you think he’s being the best parent he can be and everyone should cut him some slack?

Some of Justin’s fellow Hollywood heavyweights seem to think the Biebs has gotten out of hand and they’re turning their backs on him.

Justin Bieber is only 19 … Maybe he just needs to learn some things the hard way like many of us did when we grew up.

3. Many Say That Justin Is Just Like His Father

Reportedly, Justin Bieber and his dad Jeremy are just alike, almost like brothers. Nonetheless, Justin seems to look up to his father while many feel Jeremy acts more like a friend than as a dad …

But, let’s face it. Justin is 19 years old and financially independent, so he’s more likely to respond to a friend than a father figure. So, maybe Jeremy’s relationship with his son is what works for the two of them … Only Justin and his dad know what the real deal is …

4. Jeremy Had Surgery on His Knee, Which Started a Big Twitter Trend

Jeremy Bieber went under the knife for knee surgery this past September and he let all his Twitter followers (over two million) know that his sweet son Justin flew home to spend time with him while he was recovering. Bieber fans were so sympathetic to Jeremy’s surgery, they even started a #Jeremyeverythingsgonnabealright trend on Twitter, which made it to the top of the trend list that day.

5. Jeremy Has Two Other Children, Who He Boasts About Online

Jeremy has understandable moved on with his life since his split from Justin’s mother Pattie. He’s remarried and living in Ontario, Canada with two kids, Jazmyn and Jaxon. He constantly shows his love for his children on Twitter … all three of them equally …

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