Erin Wagner, Bieber’s Dad’s Baby Mama: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Erin Wagner, the 27-year-old Canadian who has been dating Justin Bieber’s dad for seven years, is in the spotlight amid cryptic tweets and rumors of a breakup.

Here’s what we know about the mother of Biebs’ half-siblings, who’s home with the little ones while Jeremy parties with his famous adult son.

1. She Has 2 Kids with Jeremy

Her children are Jazmyn, 5, and Jaxon, 4. The Daily Mail reports that they are sharing custody of their little ones.

2. She Tweeted About Her Relationship

In mid January, she posted that quote on Twitter, fueling rumors that her relationship with Jeremy is unstable.

She followed that tweet with these two:

3. She’s an Account Executive at a Telecommunications Company

On her Instagram profile, she listed that she works for Fibernetics.

On the company’s website, it says it is “one of Canada’s fastest growing and largest telecommunications companies.”

4. She’s Angry at Jeremy for Partying With Justin All the Time

Jeremy split with Justin’s mom, Pattie, when the singer was 13 years old.

The Daily Mail reports that although Wagner is close to Justin, she does not approve of her boyfriend’s constant partying with his adult son.

Jeremy tweeted this sentiment recently, which seems to confront the trouble his son has been in lately:

5. She Has Allegedly Split From Jeremy

According to the Daily Mail, the couple are living apart at this time. The above picture shows the family during happier times, enjoying lunch at a sushi restaurant together.


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Oh would you look at that. Probably cheaply chesley making up more stories trying to make Erin look bad. Trying to get in with jeremy so desperately. The rebelos are Stratford trash groupies and everyone knows IT.


Jeremy has custody of the kids. Not Erin. They have been broken up since Jackson was a baby.
Erin was fired from fibernetics early February. She was a sales rep not an exec. And jeremy complains about her partying. Not her complaining about jeremy.


^^ Truth….Erin Wagner was always a partier, and heavy into the drugs. ^^
How do I know this, well because I witnessed alot of it…
And truth be told….How did Erin and Jeremy even meet? Well … (try and stay with me on this)
Erin used to date, and live with, the SON of Jeremy’s other ex girlfriend..of 10 years…
Basically the girlfriend of the son, leaves son, for his 10 year step dad- Jeremy.
These god damn magazine people need to get their stories in check!


Your both so right. ^^^ you are talking about Adam and his mom, she’s friends with pattie still. Weird right. Thats exactly how they met and exactly what happened. I chuckled a bit at this article. I love how reporters say that they are together or are married. Both not true. She is NOT jbs step mom. She ain’t s***

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