Jessica Meuse, ‘American Idol’ Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Before American Idol, Meuse was working at different bars and nightclubs for gigs while maintaining her schooling as an AUM student. Now she’s known across America. Read on for some fast facts on the pink and black-haired spitfire.

1. She Compares American Idol to The Hunger Games

Meuse opened up about how she feels about the American Idol competition this season and about judge Harry Connick Jr. Many find Connick to be too harsh, but Meuse just feels he’s focused and takes the show very seriously, as he should. Meuse tells the Montgomery Adviser:

It’s a lot like The Hunger Games, but people don’t actually die. In the movie, there were little groups in the beginning and they would help each other, but in the end you become solitary. Everyone is a good person, but everyone does want to win. There’s only one spot.

2. Meuse Is Taken

Sorry, guys, Meuse is in a relationship. Her boyfriend Steven Atkins has even made it out to a couple of the live shows on American Idol.

3. Majesty Rose Is Her Roommate

While on the American Idol, Meuse’s roommate is fellow contestant Majesty Rose, but they don’t get too much free time. Most of their waking hours are spent with vocal coaches and advisers, rehearsals or in wardrobe and makeup, according to the Montgomery Adviser.

4. The Girl Is as Real as They Come

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Jessica Meuse is honest and real, which you have to appreciate about her. She’s as down-to-earth as they come and shows off her true self in the above video clip. Check out the interview as Meuse chats about how she deals with the evils of social media, what she does when the judges criticize her, and what really matters most to her.

5. She Calls her Fans her “Muses”

Jessica Meuse calls her fans her muses and even has a Twitter account called @Muse_Mafia that’s dedicated to them. Almost every day she posts a message on Facebook or Twitter that thanks her fans for their support. She definitely knows how to show her appreciation.