Samantha Harris Diagnosed With Breast Cancer: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Television personality Samantha Harris has just announced that she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer on Good Morning America.

1. She Apparently Had to Fight to Get the Diagnosis

Doctors told Samantha Harris that she was fine, but she insisted that something was wrong and pushed for the diagnosis. Because she lost her father when he was 50 years old, she pushed to get a diagnosis. She wasn’t convinced that her lump was benign.

It’s scary and you worry. …My daughters are three and six, you know. All they’re concerned about is to have mommy active, be able to hold them, hug them, kiss them. I want to still do and from what the doctors say, I will still be able to do, but no matter how positive of a diagnosis as I have, it doesn’t keep the demons of fear from taking over your mind and your thought process.

At 40 years old she’s struggling with how the diagnosis will affect her two daughters. People writes that:

In a routine self-examination last fall, Harris, 40, detected a lump in her right breast. She had a clean mammogram shortly before but something still didn’t feel right, so she saw a breast cancer specialist months later. A needle biopsy and later lumpectomy led to a diagnosis Harris that did not expect: breast cancer.

2. Harris Will Get a Double Mastectomy

Harris is ready for the battle and according to People, she will be getting a double mastectomy to fight the disease.

Harris sought opinions from three different specialists and received two treatment options: A double mastectomy or a less-radical second lumpectomy with radiation.

Fortunately, Harris leads a very healthy lifestyle, which will help in her battle against the cancer. Samantha Harris isn’t just a TV host, she’s also a fitness fanatic and that should benefit her greatly. In an interview I did with her for Luxury Report Magazine, she spoke about her fitness lifestyle:

Well, fitness is definitely a priority in my life. It really cemented itself prior to having kids, which I think really helped a lot. As soon as I moved out to LA, I was able to find what really works for me, which is different classes. Being in group activities like Zumba, yoga, or kickboxing, something with high energy and changing it up, keeps me motivated.

3. Dancing With the Stars Holds a Special Place in Her Heart

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We all miss some of the jobs that we leave. Harris was a co-host on Dancing With the Stars for eight seasons and eventually left to join the Entertainment Tonight clan.

It was truly an amazing experience. It really made a big difference in my career and I enjoyed every moment of it. I definitely tuned in more when I first left for Entertainment Tonight, but I like to tune in from time to time. It’s hard to find time to watch anything with two kids. But, Entertainment Tonight was really the pinnacle job I had dreamt of growing up.

4. She Actually Played Roxy Hart on Broadway

Growing up, Harris’ family was very into Broadway musicals and so it was a dream come true to play the iconic role of Roxy Hart in “Chicago.”

It was definitely the most challenging part of my career, but the most rewarding.

Music and dancing runs in her blood being born to Richard Shapiro, a rock ‘n’ roll promoter, and Bonnie Harris Shapiro, who was a dancer.

5. Harris Supports Cancer Charities

Samantha Harris supports cancer research and often volunteers for charity events including the March of Dimes, Feeding America, and the Revlon Run/Walk.

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