Jazmyn Bieber: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Justin Bieber’s little sister, Jazmyn, turned 6 on May 30.

Let’s celebrate with pictures and videos of the two together.

1. She’s Bieber’s Little Sister

In the video above, we see Justin trying to get her to say “I Love You.”

2. Her Nickname is Jazzy

During an interview, Jazzy interrupts and wins over the audience.

3. She Can Sing ‘Baby’

When she was three, Bieber brought her on stage at his concert at Massey Hall in Toronto.

The crowd cheered after she impressed them with her vocal skills.

4. Bieber Gives Her Shout Outs

Last year, Justin tweeted the above message on her birthday. This year, he has yet to post, even though his fans are already celebrating the occasion on social media.

Bieber has two half-siblings, Jasmyn and Jaxon, through his father, Jeremy Bieber.

Jeremy posted this today:

5. #HappyBirthdayJazmynBieber Was Trending on Twitter

happy birthday jazmyn


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