PHOTOS: ‘Little Women: LA’ Cast 2014

Terra Jole is an entertainer who's toured with starts including Miley Cyrus, Lil Wayne and Ozzy Osbourne. She's appeared in many movies and has her own single being released. Jole is also a big animal activist. (Facebook)




Why is Christy such a bossy bitch she’s extremely controlling and gets all pissy whiny when she can’t have her way!!! Poor Todd he needs to wake up I know he know what kind of person he’s going to marry, God help him,he’s to much of a nice person to even be with such a little witch who acts more like a BIG BITCH!!!


Ok this Christy “person” is such an a-hole…. And umm where are her 2 kids? So desperate to get herself hitched again to some poor smuck….bullied him into proposing to her and starting a family with him…so what ditch her other kids???? Yeah that’s nice. She’s quality alright.

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