Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

game of thrones finale spoilers

Welcome to the action (and death) packed Game of Thrones season 4 finale. After a long and tumultuous season, Tyrion was set to be executed, Jon Snow was north of the wall, and Stannis has just received the funds to raise an army. How will this season end?

Here are the biggest moments, spoilers, and deaths in “The Children:”

1. Jon Snow is Negotiating With Mance Rayeder When Stannis’s Army Saves the Day


Last episode we saw Jon Snow going north of the wall to try to kill Mance Rayeder. They sit down for a drink and to remember the dead, when from out of no where, a huge Westeros army in full armor ride up and slaughter all of the wildlings, taking Mance Rayeder prisoner.

When out of the mist gallops Stannis Baratheon and Davos, traveling north for the last 3 episodes. He got the raven the Night’s Watch sent out months ago and a true king protects his people.

2. Cersei Tells Tywin Her Kids Are Jaimes’

jamie and cersei lannister sex

With Tywin’s plan moving forward to marry Cersei to Loras Tyrell, Cersei is trying to do anything she can to prevent that from happening and keep Tommen out of his and Margarey’s grasp. Tywin, who apparently had no idea that was actually happening, seems shocked for the first time since we first met him. Tywin is a man that follows the laws. What will he think of the fact that his grandson and king is illegitimate?

When Cersei tells Jaime she’s confessed to her father, they have sex. How romantic.

3. Danerys Targaryen’s Dragon Killed a Little Girl

game of thrones dragons

We’ve known for a while that Danerys, the mother of dragons, has little control of her children. She calls herself a champion of the people and defenders of the disenfranchised, but in this episode we learned that Drago, her largest dragon, killed an innocent 3-year-old girl. In a very emotional scene and with much regret, Danerys chains up her other two dragons, but the biggest is still missing.

4. Bran Fights Skeletons, Then Meets ‘The Children’

game of thrones bram

Bran and his crew finally make it to the big holy tree they’ve been searching for. They are immediatly attacked by reanimated skeletons and Jojen is killed. They are lead inside the tree by mysterious ancient creatures called “The Children,” and they are introduced to the three-eyed raven, which is actually just an wise old omniscient man.

He tells Bran that he will never walk again, but he will fly. Huh?

5. Brienne Beats The Hound Into a Bloody Pulp and Tosses Him Off a Cliff

the hound dead game of thrones

Brienne and Podrick mean Arya and the Hound near the Bloody Gate. When Brienne requests that she takes Arya (as per her duty), she and the Hound fight. After a vicious battle, Brienne beats his head in with a rock and tosses him off a cliff.

Arya, rapidly becoming a cold-blooded killer, watches in silence as the Hound begs her to kill him. Then, she takes his purse of gold, and leaves him half-dead and in agony.

6. Jaime Let’s Tyrion Free, and Then Kills Tywin & Shae


Jaime comes to set Tyrion free, but Tyrion is not ready to get on a ship to Braavos yet. First he needs to confront his father. But on his way to doing so, he meets Shae in Tywin’s bed and calling him “my lion.” After a brief struggle, Tyrion strangles Shae with her gold necklace.

Tyrion then takes his crossbow to his father’s bathroom where he’s sitting on the toilet. Tywin does what he does best, tries to talk himself out of it by calling Tyrion his son. He Shoots Tywin twice. Varys, a witness, helps him get onto a boat across the narrow sea and decides to join him.

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