Hit the Floor, Season 2, Episode 6 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Go Behind The Scenes of VH1's Hit Show 'Hit The Floor'Hit the Floor, VH1′s addictive summer scripted series is back tonight with an all-new episode.2014-06-09T23:26:55.000Z

This week’s episode of Hit the Floor was particularly entertaining. There were police, lies, and makeout scenes you definitely didn’t see coming.

Read on to find out what you missed.

1. Derek and German Fight Over Ahsha

Derek Ahsha, Derek hit the floor


Derek and German get in a scuffle towards the beginning of the episode over Ahsha. Can you really blame them? This tends to happen when guys fight over a good-looking girl, no? It leads to a bigger argument between Ahsha and Derek that plagues her throughout the episode.

Later, Derek’s mom shows up to his game which leaves him pretty flustered- especially when she introduces him to Lloyd, the guy she’s been seeing who she thinks would be good at promoting Derek.

2. Sloane and Pete Make-Out

Pete davenport devils, pete davenport hit the floor


Oscar asks to see Sloane in his office. She nervously enters, only to find Ahsha and Pete already sitting down. Oscar vocalizes his desire to have Sloane, Pete, and Ahsha walk on stage together as a family for Family Day. How cute.

Their entrance, while at first awkward, did end up being pretty darn cute. The three throw popcorn at each other, laugh, and actually look like a real family.

Later on, Pete comes over to Sloane’s house to show her the video of their family, and Pete plants one on her! She doesn’t quite seem to be resisting it, but after an awkward silence, the coach gets up and walks out.

At Derek’s party that night, Pete tries to tell Sloane she looks beautiful but she shuts him down and says what happened between them earlier was just a ‘moment.’ But Pete keeps fighting for her:

Sloane, this isn’t you backing away, it’s you shutting down.

3. Derek Throws a Punch

“We’re not in each other’s lives anymore. I like that.” German harshly tells Ahsha this reality and, interestingly enough, she seems sad with the idea of him being over her.

Derek’s mom comes back into the picture, and she isn’t as sweet as you may have hoped. Mama Roman sees her son as a money-making machine– she gets him to sign basketballs and logo wear knowing she’ll get a Louis Vuitton bag out of it.

Later on, an upset Derek has to spend a night having rude jokes told about him, and when he sees his mother’s chair empty at the celebration, he completely loses it. Punches are thrown, insults are screamed, and Derek finally storms out, with a confused Ahsha running after him. Put lightly, Derek and Terrence are walking on unstable grounds.

4. The Devil Girls Perform One Of Their Sexiest Dances Ever

‘YALA’ by MIA plays as the girls dance what has to be their most risqué routine yet. There are more flips than usual, and Jelena is dressed a ringmaster. You’re welcome, boys.

5. Derek Gets Caught By The Police With Drugs

Jelena and Ahsha, Kyle hit the floor, hit the floor girls


In the last scene of the episode, Derek and Ahsha are on their way home from the party when the cops pull them over. Ahsha tells him not to worry—that it’s probably just a speeding ticket. When the cops are coming towards the car, Derek reaches into his jacket, grabs drugs, and throws them on the ground. They land in Ahsha’s bag.

The cops then see the drugs lying in her purse, and right before the episode fades to black, the police tell her to get out of the car. This drama is definitely gonna pick up next week.

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