WATCH: Jennifer Lopez Performs ‘Big Booty’ on ‘Good Morning America’

Jennifer Lopez showed up at Good Morning America today for a free concert in Central Park. Thousands of fans showed up to see JLo perform some songs off her new album. For her entrance, Lopez was carried in on a royal platform by shirtless men with fans made to look like gold leaves … like a true goddess.

To kick off her performance, JLo began with a new song off her album A.K.A. called “Big Booty,” which features Pitbull. So, of course, there was a lot of butt-shaking going on … Check it out in the above video.

In between performances, JLo opens up about her album, her children getting older, and her new book “True Love.” In “True Love,” she talks about her divorce and advice she wished she had growing up.

After a little chat, JLo performed her latest single “First Love” and the crowd sang along to what seemed like the entire song. She then followed up with her hit song “On the Floor”.

And to finish off her big concert, JLo sang her oldie but goodie “Let’s Get Loud.”

Check out some more fun Vines from JLo’s appearance today below:

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