Adam Richman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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We all know Adam Richman as the guy from the food shows who can eat just about anything … Read all about Richman and why he’s currently making headlines …

1. Harsh Instagram Comments Have Forced the Travel Channel to Cancel His Latest New Show

Adam Richman Food Fighters, Adam Richman Thinspiration, #Thinspiration, Adam Richman Man Finds Food, Adam Richman Suicide Rant, Adam Richman Instagram

Adam Richman posted a photo of himself on Instagram and unknowingly used a pro-eating disorder hashtag “Thinspiration” along with it. When fans and followers made him aware of this, he became angry and lashed out with the above comments. Since his outbursts, Richman has posted apologies and his Instagram photos are now private.

As a result of Richman’s harsh comments online, the Travel Channel has pulled the plug on his show Man Finds Food, which was supposed to premiere this week. On Richman’s Instagram page, his byline reads:

I make fun TV, I eat great food, I write swell books, I make sweet love, I give great hugs, I take no crap, I love my life, my fans, and my Mom.

Perhaps he’ll rethink the “I take no crap part.”

Richman has such a huge fan-base, so many are hoping he can overcome this horrible incident and learn from it to move forward.

2. Richman Gained Notoriety From His Famous Show Man Vs. Food

Man Vs. Food is a fantastic show where Richman travels all over the United States, taking on food challenges, touring local eateries, and taking on some of the biggest plates you’ve ever seen. Eventually, the show had a spin-off called Man Vs. Food Nation, where Richman other patrons would join Richman in his food challenges. Travel Channel’s website describes the show as this:

Man v. Food Nation is the evolution of Man v. Food. Adam Richman has scoured the country, competing in America’s most compelling food challenges. He’s fought, he’s conquered, and he’s been conquered. After 3 years of eating his way across America, Adam’s heard the Man v. Food Nation …they want a piece of the action. Now, Adam is recruiting local talent to take on their beloved hometown challenges.

Since Richman’s time on Man Vs. Food, he has successfully lost over 70 pounds.

3. Food Fighters Premieres Later This Month

On July 22, 2014, Richman’s other new show Food Fighters is set to debut on NBC and NBC is standing by Richman’s side. Food Fighters is a game show where amateur chefs test their skills against the pros.

4. Richman Started Out as an Actor

After getting a master’s degree from Yale School of Drama, Adam Richman ventured into the art of acting and actually appeared on several prominent shows like Law & Order, Guiding Light, and All My Children.

5. Currently, Richman Hosts Adam Richman’s Fandemonium

Adam Richman has been a part of so many food shows since he began Man V. Food. Currently, he’s the host of Adam Richman’s Fandemonium, where he pursues his craziest super fans and culinary creations. Check out a full episode of the show in the above video.

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