‘Extant’ Series Premiere Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

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In the series premiere of Extant, Halle Berry‘s astronaut Molly Woods returns to Earth after a year-long solo mission. She receives surprising news from her doctor and best friend Sam Barton that she became pregnant while in space.

Find out how Molly will face her family with this disturbing news on the new CBS sci-fi series.

1. Molly Learns She Became Pregnant in Space

Molly is feeling a little under the weather, but she tells her son Ethan it’s just her body readjusting. The next day at the her “Welcome Home” party, she’s fine and joking about taking shots. On the other side of the year, Ethan starts a fight with another kid who wouldn’t share his ball. Molly and her husband John rush over and he makes Ethan apologize. All seems well between the boys again, as they go to play.

Later, when Molly goes to throw out the trash, she thinks she sees a dark stranger. When she looks back down the alley, no one is there.

John speaks with Ethan about his fighting incident at the party. Ethan thinks his mom is mad at him and things are different with her back. His dad assures his son that it will take a while for everything to feel normal again. Ethan then informs his father that he “needs a flip.” John pops a cartridge out of his son’s back and replaces it with a new one. Ethan may look human, but he’s a little different from the other children.

That night Molly has trouble sleeping, and goes to look at a photo (that moves) of her old boyfriend Marcus Dawkins. John thinks that if he had lived, he and Molly wouldn’t be together. She tells him that everyone ends up where they are supposed to.

The next day Molly meets with her doctor. She doesn’t know how it’s possible, but Molly is pregnant. The astronaut says that’s not possible.

2. Molly Has a Strange Encounter on the Serafin Station

Molly thinks back to her time on Serafin space station. She performs her research and talks with the station’s Hal-like computer Ben, who calls her out for swearing after she finds her samples were compromised.

She receives a video call from her John and Ethan. Her son is in the middle of telling her he got accepted into school when the video cuts out. Then all the power in the station shuts down until a generator can turn on the emergency lights. While she tries to bring back the power (with buttons not labeled in English), a mystery man appears on the other side of the quadrant door. He looks like her old boyfriend Marcus from the picture. He writes on the window “Help Me”.

Back in Sam’s office, she tells Molly there must be some explanation. She questions the astronaut if anyone docked onto the station during the mission. Molly insists she was alone the entire time. Plus, she can’t get pregnant. John and her tried for years before she went on the mission to no avail. Sam has to put the pregnancy in her report, but Molly begs her not to until they can gather more information. She doesn’t want to get placed in quarantine while she’s trying to reconnect with her family.

3. John Presents Ethan to Yasumoto Corp.

John presents his Humanics research to Yasumoto Corp. He wants to give robots the human experience and he’s already doing it with his son Ethan. The robot boy waits in the wings with John’s partner Julie Gelineau.

John brings Ethan out onto the stage and then the inventor address the question on everyone’s mind: a robot uprising. He doesn’t want humans and robots to have a master-slave relationship. The robots will learn emotions, right vs. wrong just like children do. Then one of the board members, Femi Dodd, asks John about his plans to terminate the Humanics subjects if they become unruly. He’s offended by the question, as he considers Ethan his child, and asks the Dodd if she has a plan to kill her own daughter.

Her daughter has a soul, she argues. John disagrees, and thinks behavior for any person or one of his Humanics robots is the total sum of learned experience. The board can get on board with John’s plan, and deny him funding through Yasumota Corp.

Over at the privatized space program headquarters, Molly looks at the picture of a lost colleagueHarmon Kryger. She tells new Deputy Director Kern that she and Harmom were close. The two then step into a conference room with Director Alan Sparks to discuss her mission and the 13 hour gap of video surveillance that went missing.

Molly tells her bosses she accidentally deleted the footage, but all they missed were her trying to fix “Ben” and sleeping for three hours. She will have to go through a few psychiatric sessions as part of her re-entry program, standard protocol now that the space program is in the private sector now.

After his meeting with Molly, Sparks go to a basement lab where scientists are pulling the body of Hideki Yasumoto out of a glass box chamber. Director tells Mr. Yasumoto that they found an anomaly on the station, another solar flare, but they can’t confirm it without the missing video footage. Sparks doesn’t believe Molly would make the mistake of deleting the video. Sparks thinks Yasumoto giving the funding to Molly’s husband John will help them keep close tabs on Molly.

Missing in those 13 minutes is the strange interaction that Molly had with the ghost of her dead boyfriend Marcus. He kept repeating everything she said, including “It’s okay,” has he cupped her head in his hands that sent her off into a deep sleep. He also traced her body down to her stomach and kept his finger there for a moment (the point of conception?)

4. Molly Thinks Ethan Hates Her

Yasumoto calls John that evening to invite him back to his offices to speak directly with him. John meets with him and tells his story about the infertility struggles he and his wife went through. His Humanics problem could solve the problem of giving similar couples the same hope of a child like Ethan. Yasumoto can fund John through the company because of his share holders, but he will fund John as a private citizen.

While John’s securing funding for more children like Ethan, Molly tries to reconnect with their son by taking him out for ice cream. When she receives a message attached to a balloon that reads, “I know what happened to you. Contact soon,” she tries to rush off and makes Ethan drops his ice cream cone (originally hers before they swapped). The robot child isn’t happy and wants another one. When he doesn’t get what he wants, he runs into the woods. He happens upon a dead bird that he claims he found in that state. Then he creepily complements his mother’s hair. Not sure that was the best segue Ethan.

Molly sees something different in Ethan, she tells John that night. She says he’s changed and John says he’s a year older. John and Ethan think Molly is pulling away. Ethan looked at her like he hated her. He doesn’t love, he just executes a series of commands, Molly tells her husband. John says that Ethan is the closest they will ever get to be being parents. She better get onboard, because he got the funding to continue his Humanics work.

5. Harmon Kryger Is Not Dead

They next morning John and Molly apologize to each other. The opportunity with Yasumota may not be ideal time but they will make it work and she finally congratulates him.

Molly meets will a psychiatrist to help her with re-entry. This opportunity wasn’t available to Kryger and may have led to his suicide. It’s not exactly a private session when Director Sparks and Yasumoto both have a video feed into the room, but go ahead Molly, share anything you want.

Molly thinks back to her experience on the ship again, when she woke up after ghost Marcus put her to sleep. She watches the video playback and doesn’t see Marcus. All she sees is her side of the interaction but not the Marcus. She deliberately deletes the video files, not by accident.

Later that night, Molly goes back outside to the trash compactor and sees a man who looks like Harmon, who was supposed to be dead. He says he’s real, it’s not like on the Serafin. She’s not hallucinating. He tells her to be careful and to not trust anyone. Then he sneaks away.

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