Frank Dimitri: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Frank Dimitri may be 74-years-old, but he’s young at heart and has a voice that would make any woman swoon. Within 20 seconds of his performance on America’s Got Talent this summer, the retired bartender had everyone in the audience on their feet, clapping along to his rendition of “I’ve Got the World on a String”. Tonight he performed as part of Judgment Week.

Here’s what you need to know about the talented singer.

1. His Stutter Prevented Him From Pursuing Singer Earlier

frank dimitri singer

(Instagram/Frank Dimitri)

Howie Mandel asked Dimitri one thing after he finished performance:

Why did it take so long? You have just been discovered tonight!

Dimitri responded by telling the judges that he has a stutter that prevented him from trying out the singing game earlier. Dimitri explained that he can talk on the phone for hours without the stutter, but other times, he can’t complete his sentences because of the speech disorder.

As a kid, I stuttered a lot. So I never had the confidence to really do it.

Howie simply says: better late than never. Howard thinks that Sinatra and Tony Bennett have nothing on him, so the judges unanimously sent him to the next round without a second thought.

2. He Was a Bartender From Ages 28-69

frank dimitri bartender


— America’s Got Talent (@nbcagt) June 26, 2014

3. You Can Watch His AGT Audition DVD On Youtube

Dimitri sang “The Good Life” for his America’s Got Talent audition, and you can watch the video submission above. It has 6,281 views to date, and clearly worked out in his favor! Dimitri looks to classic singers like Eydie Gorme, Buddy Greco and Nancy Wilson for inspiration.

4. He’s Single

One of the first things the judges ask him when Dimitri got on stage was whether or not he was single. And he is! The old-timer had fun chatting with the judges before his performance and was well equipped to respond to their witty remarks– he didn’t miss a beat.

Mel B exclaimed how smooth he sounded, and he just humbly nodded his head and smiled.

5. The Media Has Been Comparing Him to Frank Sinatra

frank dimitri war


Many media sources have said that Dimitri’s voice has reminded them of Frank Sinatra– a singer who he often covers. In fact, most of the videos Dimitri has uploaded to Facebook are him singing his own takes on Frank Sinatra’s music.

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