Joe Matarese: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

46-year-old Joe Matarese has been working the NYC and Philadelphia stand-up circuit since he was just 19. The New Jersey native has had many successes as a comedian, but hopes that America’s Got Talent will be his big break. The audience was in stitches after his two-minute act about fatherhood and his children earlier this summer.

Here’s what you need to do know about the world’s funniest dad.

1. He Was On the Late Show With David Letterman

In 2007, Joe made his debut The Late Show with David Letterman. His act was about marriage and how much more intelligent his wife is than him, and was meant to publicize his upcoming appearance at the Montreal Comedy Festival.

Matarese was featured on the show again in May 2013, which you can watch here. This act was the same one he performed on America’s Got Talent. Seems like the old-guy-dad-act is always a winner!

2. His Podcast Is Called Fixing Joe

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Every week, Matarese brings his real life problems to listeners everywhere. His podcast has featured Artie Lange, a close friend and fellow comedian who attempted suicide in 2010 by stabbing himself in the abdomen with a 13-inch kitchen knife.

Interestingly enough, when Lange was interviewed, Matarese had to provide the disclaimer that he wouldn’t be discussing his suicide attempt because he was saving it for The Howard Stern Show. At the beginning of the podcast, Matarese said:

There’s gonna be some topics that he wants to save for the Howard Stern Show which I totally told him that’s fine. I’m a huge Howard fan.

Matarese’s podcast has also featured guests like Craig Ferguson and Jay Mohr.

3. He Has an IMDB Page

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(Instagram/Joe Matarese)

Matarese’s credits on his IMDB page include Fixing Joe, The Very Funny Show, Z Rock, and Double Platinum.

Matarese was featured in Alone Up There, a feature-length documentary that “explores the contemporary culture of stand-up comedy with interviews with some of today’s best stand up comedians.”

In the hysterical clip above from the documentary, Matarese tells a story about him doing a stand-up show in Michigan where he’s being heckled during a fundraiser for cheerleaders.

This is a fundraiser? For what, assholes? I know you’re kid isn’t someone we’re trying to raise money for, cause she’s f***ed. We can’t fix her. She’s bound for the pole.


4. He’s Had His Own Half Hour Special On Comedy Central

joe matarese

(Instagram/Joe Matarese)

You know someone’s talented when Comedy Central asks them to perform on the show, and you know they’re really talented when they land their own half-hour stint on the show. You can watch all of Matarese’s videos from CC here.

After Matarese first performed at the Montrael Comedy Festival, he landed a development deal with VH1 and later with NBC to star in his own sitcom. Unfortunately, neither of these took off.

5. He’s Acted on ‘Show In the Hallway’

Matarese plays a cop on the Show In The Hallway , which is aired on Howard Stern’s TV network. Matarese has also done stand-up on Comedy Central’s premium Blend, and Bravo’s Better Half, where he taught his wife to do stand up and won her $20,000.

The 46-year-old father has landed four performances at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal, and performs regularly at Stand Up NY, Caroline’s on Broadway, and The Stand NYC.