Joe Monteith: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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It’s been one year since Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a Vancouver hotel room from a drug overdose. The actor, who passed away on July 13, 2013, was not terribly close with his father as a result of his parents’ bitter divorce in 1989. Though Joe and Cory were fortunate enough to meet up a couple years before Cory’s passing, his father is still completely heartbroken over the death. He recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight Canada about how life has been without his son.

Read on to find out more about Joe Monteith.

1. He Wasn’t a Big Part of Cory’s Life

After Joe’s divorce to Cory’s mother, Ann McGregor, he rarely saw either of his sons. He told Cory when they met up in 2011 that his mother kept him at a distance from the boys. Joe was not invited to his son’s viewing ceremony before Cory was cremated — McGregor held a private viewing ceremony that was only attended by Cory’s brother Shaun and his girlfriend, Lea Michele. He told Entertainment Tonight,

I didn’t get to go to his viewing, which would have meant a lot. I guess they sprayed his ashes in a cove that he really enjoyed going to.

Joe’s estrangement from his son meant that he wasn’t fully aware of Cory’s battle with drugs. He admitted to ET that he learned about most of Cory’s issues by watching the news.

I never talked to him while he was in rehab. And then all of a sudden four weeks later he was out of rehab … I thought that was kind of soon.

Fortunately, Joe’s relationship with his ex-wife has improved since Cory’s death.

I did receive an email from his mother a couple of days ago. She’s going to be sending me some of his stuff.

2. He Was a Military Man

Joe Monteith


Joe’s position in the military moved him around a lot, and when he was still married to McGregor, he was only allowed to see his family every six months because of his job. Joe told his son upon meeting up that McGregor didn’t want their family to move near where Joe was posted, and she filed for a divorce two years after being married. Joe, who to this day lives in New Brunswick, emphasized to Cory that McGregor didn’t want Joe to be a part of their sons lives.

3. He Last Saw Cory In 2011

Joe Monteith


Cory and Joe met up in 2011 after not seeing each other for 11 years, and Joe told People about his reunion with his son in October of 2013– three months after Cory’s death. People wrote,

They then went outside for a heart-to-heart, with Joe giving his side of the divorce story. He was suddenly struck by how little he really knew about his son; for the first time, he saw Cory smoke cigarettes.

During this meeting, Cory reportedly told Joe he was staying clean and was done with drugs for good.

4. He Still Feels Empty

Joe told ET:

I still miss him very much. I still have the empty feeling inside.

Though Joe didn’t spend too much time with his son, he recalls him being a very friendly and happy person.

If he was in the room, you would be smiling. He enjoyed life … that’s why I was so shocked by the outcome of everything.

5. He Met His Current Wife During His Divorce Proceedings

When Joe talked to People in October of last year, he recalled talking to his son about his divorce with Cory’s mother. He mentioned to Cory that he had sent Christmas presents over for he and Shaun in 1991, but McGregor sent them back. Joe remembered Cory being shocked at this.

Joe is currently married to Yvette Monteith, 64, who admittedly remembers when the presents Joe sent Cory and Shaun were returned. She told People,

Joe’s mother’s presents also were sent back, and the following year, (McGregor) said she didn’t want us sending anything.