Dan Bilzerian on Howard Stern: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

So it turns out that when he’s not throwing porn stars off roofs the poker playing playboy that is Dan Bilzerian actually has some interesting takes on life. He laid out his views for Howard Stern on July 22, you can listen above to the full conversation above.

Here are the most interesting bits:

1. Bilzerian Has Made $50 Million Playing Poker This Year

Bilzerian told Stern that in the last 12 months, the Instagramming playboy has made $50 million playing poker. The most he lost in a single game was $3.6 million, a feat he’s achieved three times. He think he’s going to quit playing though because he gets too miserable when he loses. Also, if you’re an A-list celeb, Toby Maguire, was mentioned, Bilzerian doesn’t like playing against you, because you’re a “pussy” and you don’t gamble enough.

2. He Says He ‘Does Whatever He Wants

Paul Bilzerian Girlfriend


Later in the interview, Bilzerian talked about crossing things off his bucket list in recent times. He told Stern:

There’s a lot of guys who have money, but they have their wives or jobs or family or they’re worried about their reputation or whatever it is, but I just kinda took the attitude of like, ‘What the f*ck?’ and just did whatever I wanted.

His ‘Do what you feel’ attitude may be inspired by the two heart attacks he suffered within a 24-hour period of each other. The attacks came after a Viagra, cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol binge. The reason for the Viagra, he says, was because he had been on a three day binge was and was about to have sex with a stripper. Although, it had previously been reported that he suffered three heart attacks.

3. He Did Jail Time During Senior Year of High School For Brining a Gun to School

Bilzerian also spoke about his love of guns and how it began at a young age. In 1999, while he was a senior in high school in Utah, he brought an M-16 to the school parking lot. When school administrators heard about it, he brought up on gun charges and spent three weeks in jail. Not only that, but he had to leave the state of Utah, his mom took him to live in Tampa and finish high school there. The arrest has since been expunged.

4. Bilzerian Was 2 Days Away From Becoming a Navy SEAL

He trained to be a Navy SEAL as well, coming within two days of graduation before he was kicked out for a “safety violation.” According to Bilzerian, the violation was that his commanding officers didn’t like his attitude to those in authority. In total, Bilzerian says he spent four years in the military.

5. Bilzerian Is Bilzeriand

When the issue of the fairer sex came up in the Stern interview, Bilzerian said that sending him a naked pic on Twitter is a good way to get his attention. He added that he is looking to hire a “Pussy Coordinator.” They would be added to the twenty people who already work for Bilzerian, including three chefs.

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