Are Beyonce And Jay Z Splitting Up? 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The question on everyone’s mind is, “Are Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce?” The tabloids have run story after story on this and there is still no clear answer. Read on for the facts on what we know.

1. Rumors of Infidelity Have Plagued Jay Z

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Though the news was last summer, fans have been looking into Jay Z’s past scandal with Rapper LIV lately due to all the divorce rumors surround Jay Z and Bey. Last summer, Rapper LIV claimed that Jay Z wanted her to be his “in-town mistress,” but she declined. On Monday, LIV released the video of her new single “Sorry Mrs. Carter,” which refueled the cheating rumors. Have a look at the video above.

For more information on the original scandal, click the below link:

In addition to this, there have been other cheating scandals that have plagued the couple. The infamous elevator fight between Jay Z and Beyonce’s sister Solange, was rumored to be caused by Jay wanting to attend Rihanna’s after-party without his wife. However, this was not the only story reported.

2. The Couple Is Reportedly Avoiding Each Other On Tour

As you may know, Jay and Bey are currently on their “On The Run” tour. Reports say that the couple is staying together for the sake of the tour where they rake in millions each concert. Despite their onstage chemistry, a source tells Us Weekly:

They stayed separately in both New York and L.A. for several nights …

Another insider, though, says that they have issues just like any other couple. Even so, Us Weekly writes:

Despite continuing to show their love on stage—the parents to Blue Ivy shared a kiss on Aug. 3 during their show at L.A.’s Rose Bowl—sources predict the duo will announce they’re splitting after the tour wraps Sept. 13.

3. Beyonce Has Been Seen House-Hunting Sans Jay Z

Recently, Beyonce was spotted house-hunting in NYC’s Chelsea neighborhood without Jay Z. In addition to this, Cosmopolitan UK reports that Bey may be planning to move her sister Solange in with her in the meantime. The magazine writes:

Every day there’s a new delivery of speculation about the alleged breakdown of their marriage, and today the latest insider has come forward to claim that, before she packs up everything she owns in a box to the left, Beyonce is planning to move sister Solange into the family home. Solange, otherwise known as Kickboxer Extraordinaire and Jay Z’s 100th problem, could be moving into the Bey and Jay home in Chelsea to support her sister, and according to reports, it hasn’t gone down to well with the man of the house.

According to Mercury News, Beyonce was looking at a $21.5 million penthouse close to Katie Holmes’ first apartment building after her divorce from Tom Cruise.

4. Jay Z Is Taking the Heat as the Villain In the Relationship

While everyone is a Jay Z fan, Jay is also taking heat in the media as the villain in his marriage. Billboard writes:

Jay is — from what I can tell — now seen by many as the no-good cheater breaking up America’s own royal couple who, on top of it all, is being dragged around the country by his wife so that she can call him out in front of 50,000 people every night. I don’t think that’s exactly what he had planned.

Many are speculating that Jay Z actually has planned the timing of all of these scandals – the mistress, the elevator fight, the tour, the rumored divorce. However, Jay Z is a legend and do we really think he’d go to such lengths for publicity? … especially negative publicity? Celebrity publicist Jonathan Hay’s theory on this is:

Always consider the timing in these situations. That staged elevator fight hit the news immediately before the release of their On The Run tour trailer video. The fight gives regular news stations — beyond just entertainment news — a headline, which broadens their audience. They’re also going to bring up the On The Run tour and ask questions like, ‘Will their be drama on the road?’ and, ‘Is this going to be the final performances of Jay Z and Beyonce?’

So, why could Hays theory possibly be true? Billboard reports:

Hay, incidentally, knows a thing or two about creating a compelling spectacle. He openly takes credit for planting those false Jay Z/Rihanna romance rumors back in 2005 to promote her debut single “Pon de Replay.”

5. Beyonce Has Been Rumored to Have Cheated on Jay Z as Well

Jay Z hasn’t been the only one who has been rumored to have cheated. Yahoo News UK printed a story in May 2014 about Beyonce having a possible affair with her bodyguard Julius De Boer. A source said that Bey and Julius spend a lot of time together “behind closed doors.” In addition:

Beyoncé and Boer raised eyebrows in 2009, when the 32-year-old singer was photographed leaving a hotel with her mouth covered while his lips appeared to be smeared with red lipstick.

Julius De Boer was actually in the elevator when the infamous fight between Jay Z and Solange went down.

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