Juan Carlos: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jean Carlos is certainly something else. The in-line skater may not be a favorite of all the judges, but he’s performed well enough to make it to the live shows on America’s Got Talent this summer. The goofy guy loves entertaining an audience, and we’ll find out this week whether he’s entertaining enough to make it to the semifinals of America’s Got Talent.

Here’s what you need to know about him.

1. Howard Stern Is Not a Fan

Howard Stern hasn’t been a fan of Carlos since the beginning. During his first audition, the camera panned to Stern scratching his head and looking away from Carlos’ bootylicious moves before he hit the buzzer. He didn’t seem to be too taken with Carlos during his second performance, either.

This week, America will be deciding whether they want to see Carlos again, though, so Stern’s opinion on the performance may not matter.

2. His Dance to Chris Brown Music Has Over 800,000 Views On Youtube

For the past fifteen years, Carlos has attempted to refine his in-line skills at the corner of Montrose and Allen Parkway during rush hour. A few years ago, a passerby uploaded a video of Carlos dancing to Chris Brown’s “Look at Me Now” on the street corner, and the video now has over 800,000 views.



3. He Has a Message for Howie and Howard



In the video, Carlos says that despite Howard giving him an X on the show, he’s still a huge fan of the guy. He says he appreciates everyone’s opinion, and his sole goal is to make people smile.

Carlos is a huge hit back home in Texas. For his second performance on the show, fans gathered at Phoenicia Specialty Foods as his family and friends got together in honor of their rollerblading hero. Culture Map writes,

The bar erupted in boos when Stern expressed his disapproval towards Juan Carlos and cheered when Mandel shared his positive feedback.

Watch the video message here.

4. He Started His Routine To lose Weight

A sign placed at the corner of Montrose and Allen Parkway, where Juan Carlos normally roller blades.  (Facebook/Juan Carlos Fan Page)

A sign placed at the corner of Montrose and Allen Parkway, where Juan Carlos normally roller blades. (Facebook/Juan Carlos Fan Page)

In the beginning, Carlos started rollerblading along Allen Parkway to lose weight. He told Chron,

I started roller-blade dancing 15 years ago because I was gaining a lot of weight and I thought this was the thing I really like to do to help me lose weight. I started to perform in Montrose as it’s near my house and it’s where people go to exercise. When I first started, I went by a car with six beautiful girls who saw me and they said ‘ooh look at him’ and so I started shaking it and I’ve never stopped!

5. He Was Called By the Producers To Audition

Carlos got a call from America’s Got Talent producers to audition for the show. He realized the opportunity was one he couldn’t pass up, and immediately purchased a ticket to NYC to see if he had what it takes.

Click here to become part of Carlos’ fan club.

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