Drew & Alec Christy, ‘Survivor’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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This brother team is competing on the 2014 Survivor season. Read on for the facts on Alec and Drew Christy.

1. Drew Enjoys Modeling and “Booze-Cruising”

Drew works as a traveling sales rep for his family’s company and also enjoys spending his time just enjoying life. Drew lists his interests on CBS as: traveling, modeling, booze cruising, playing sports and partying. Alec, on the other hand, is a student who has fun fishing, playing lacrosse and surfing. They both seem like care-free spirits.

2. Both Guys Are Inspired by Their Family

While Drew works for the family business and credits his inspiration in life as being his “amazing family,” Alec goes into great detail about how his family is his world, especially his father. Alec tells CBS:

My dad because he has shown me how to be a man. He has coached me when I needed it most. He works hard but doesn’t ever let that get in the way of being a dad. My dad has just always been there for me.

3. These Two Brothers May Butt Heads

Both Drew and Alec are very competitive, so they say. Alec’s excited to compete on Survivor with Drew, but says the two can often be competitive against each other, so it will be fun to see who can stay in the game the longest.

Playing Survivor with Drew is awesome because we are very competitive, so it will be exciting to see who can last longer. Sharing this experience is going to be incredible as we both compete against one another and support each other at the same time. It’s going to be interesting to play a game where it could literally go either way, and you never know who will go further in it.

4. Drew Thinks That He Has It in Him to Win

Drew told CBS that he can win the game because:

I seem to pull off the unthinkable with ease. People will ask me…How did you do that?

So, really, there’s no big strategy here, but he does say his mental and physical strength should pull him through.

5. School Is Alec’s Biggest Accomplishment in Life

While he feels that Survivor would be the ultimate experience, Alec credits college as his biggest “claim to fame.” He’s a student at Florida Gulf Coast University and says that going to college and being successful in both school and sports is his biggest accomplishment. Throughout high school, he didn’t have the best record in performance, so he really wanted to step things up in college.

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