Courtney Lapresi Wins ‘Masterchef’ 2014 Finale

masterchef winner courtney


On tonight’s finale of Masterchef, each of the three remaining cheftestants had to create dishes that represented all 50 of the United States. It was down to Elizabeth Cauvel, Leslie Gilliams, and Courtney Lapresi. From the beginning Courtney was a force to be reckoned with – Her food was amazing and she was ruthless when it came to the competition. Elizabeth stayed consisted with delicious creations and Leslie gradually made his way to the top as he got used to the competition.

So, who took home the win tonight? After Leslie was knocked out of the competition, it was down to Courtney and Elizabeth, but ultimately Courtney won. Courtney hailes from Philadelphia and what you may not know, is she was reportedly a stripper. writes:

Fox did not mention Lapresi’s stripping before the season launched in May. Dancing as “Winter,” she won the strip club’s Entertainer of the Year prize twice.

Fellow contestant Elizabeth had her own words on the subject as reports:

Elizabeth accuses Lapresi of getting preferential treatment – “winning when her dishes don’t seem to be quite up to it” – because she was a stripper at Delilah’s while in college. She later was an aerial dancer – clothed – in a nightclub show at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City. “When I think legit aerial dancer, I think Cirque de Soleil, not boobs out on a pole,” wrote Elizabeth, claws out. “One’s art and one’s something else entirely.”

During the finale show, Elizabeth’s husband passed out before the winner was announced, so things took a scary turn for a minute. Everyone rushed to his aid, even Chef Gordon Ramsay, and he ended up being okay.

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