Derrick Levasseur Wins ‘Big Brother 16’ Finale

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If you’re wondering who won the $500,000 prize on Big Brother tonight, it was … Derrick Levasseur. The runner-up took home $50,000. In the first HOH competition of the finale on Big Brother 16, Victoria lasted a little over 40 minutes and then it was down to Cody and Derrick. The two guys tried to negotiate the win and Derrick ended up giving it to Cody. For the second HOH competition, Derrick and Victoria duked it out and Derrick blew Victoria out of the water. This meant that Derrick would take on Cody in the third and finale HOH competition.

It’s down to Derrick Levasseur, Cody Calafiore, and Victoria Rafaeli on the season finale. Victoria was hoping that Derrick would honor the bond the two of them have had since the beginning of the competition, while Cody was counting on Derrick to make it with him to the final two. Cody said that, unless Derrick did the most horrible back-stab in the history of the show, he and Derrick would be together for the final competition.

While reminiscing about the season, Frankie and Caleb got into it as Caleb felt betrayed. Frankie insisted that he never back-stabbed Caleb and that his actions showed his loyalty to him. It also came out that both Derrick and Cody turned Caleb against him. Then, the cast members all talked about Derrick and how he was such a master manipulator, lying to everyone and “pulling on their heart strings.” Zack, however, said he respected Derrick’s game. The cast members also agreed that Cody is more capable to win it all. When Victoria’s name came up, they said that Victoria isn’t that smart, but she does have a “dumbing it down strategy.” Because everyone gets a vote in the finale, there were a lot of different opinions on who each cast member would vote for …

Cody won the final HOH competition with a tie-breaker question, asking how many seconds long the first HOH competition on the finale lasted for tonight. With that, Victoria was sent packing.

When the cast members (the jury) were able to sit down with the final two, they interrogated them to see who deserved their vote the most. It was all revealed that Cody and Derrick have had a “hitman alliance” since the very beginning of the season. This alliance took them all the way to the end. Derrick also revealed that he lied about his job and is actually a police officer who was an undercover cop for years, which helped him in his strategy.

As for “America’s Favorite Houseguest,” 10 million votes came in and the person who took home $25,000 for the win was … Donny with more than 5 million votes.

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