Miss Michigan KT Maviglia: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Meet Miss Michigan KT Maviglia. KT aims to win the crown of Miss America 2015 and bring attention to a cause that she herself is affected by … the hearing impaired. Read on to find out more about Miss Michigan.

1. In Fourth Grade KT Learned She Had Moderate Hearing Loss

Today tells the story of how KT Maviglia found out she was suffering from hearing loss:

When K.T. Maviglia was in fourth grade, her teacher noticed she was learning differently than her classmates and getting messages confused. Tests revealed she had sensorineural hearing loss, a moderate loss that could be helped by her wearing a hearing aid and battery pack while her teacher wore a microphone and there were four speakers in the classroom.

KT hated this because she went from being popular to being a “special needs” child.

2. She Ditched Her Hearing Aids in High School

When KT was in high school, she didn’t want to have attention for her hearing loss, so she stopped wearing her hearing aids. Instead, she sat in the front of classrooms and asked extra questions to her teachers. Currently, she has overcome this insecurity and proudly wears her hearing aids in both ears as a contestant in this year’s Miss America Pageant and advocates for those with hearing disabilities.

3. It Was “Three Times a Charm” for Miss Michigan

It took KT three times to win the crown of Miss Michigan and, according to the Press of Atlantic City, she was kept on the edge of her seat constantly in her final competition.

The judges kept Miss Michigan KT Maviglia hanging. When they announced the top 10, she was number 10. When they announced the top five, she was number five. “They really had me on the edge of my seat most of the evening,” she joked. But it worked out for her and on her third time competing, she won the state title.

4. Her Name Actually Is “KT”

One might think that “KT” is just a nickname, but it actually is her real name. Her given name at birth was Katlyn, but when she was born, her father started calling her KT. The rest is history.

5. KT Started Her Own Charity for the Hearing Impaired

A hearing aid can cost up to $2,000 for just one, so KT started her own charity to help those like her in need of help. She started “Listen Up,” an effort to help people, most specifically children, who are suffering from hearing loss. According to the Press of Atlantic City:

She is also working with elected officials in Michigan on legislation to require health insurance carriers to provide more hearing aid coverage.

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