PHOTOS: Miss America 2015 Contestants

Who will win the 2015 Miss America competition? Check out all the best social media pics of this year's beautiful contestants to see all the participants ... This year, the three-hour long competition will be shown at 8:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, September 14, 2014. To find out who won the preliminary competitions, click here. This year, in addition to the title, contestants can win America's Choice Vote and the Quality of Life Award, though most are hoping to win the coveted title of Miss America. The hosts this year are Lara Spencer from Good Morning America and The Bachelor host Chris Harrison. This year's judges bring some new flavor to the competition. Judge Kathy Ireland was asked if she had a special talent during the preliminary competition and she replied with "burping the alphabet." When brought on stage, she confessed that she actually couldn't burp the alphabet. She did, however, let out a huge, loud belch instead, much to the amazement and shock of the crowd. For more information on the competition schedule, the judges, and more, click here. Let's start this contestant gallery in alphabetical order, with Miss Alabama Caitlin Brunell (Facebook)