Singtrix Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Singtrix, the first innovation in karaoke since the ’70s, enters the Shark Tank on October 31.

Heavy interviewed John Devecka, Al Roque and Eric Berkowitz about their company.

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1. It Started Because of Bad Singing

Jannie Song Mix – #DavidGuetta, #LadyGaga, #Adele, #MileyCyrus on #SingtrixJannie sessions performing David Guetta "When Love Takes Over" Acoustic Version, Lady Gaga's "Telephone, Adele's "Rolling in the Deep", Miley Cyrus/Dolly "Jolene" using the Singtrix System. Music content from a tablet and Youtube karaoke videos. More vids: singtrix.eu2014-10-31T12:36:14.000Z

The idea came after John was in a band, trying to sing back-up.

“Everyone told him to stop and wanted him to stick to playing play guitar. That’s when the search began to create or find a technology that could make bad singers sound good,” Berkowitz said.

The men explained that standard karaoke systems are limiting.

“In all cases you will still sound bad if you can’t sing. That’s about 95% of the population. Many are too embarrassed of their voices and wouldn’t even try. This limits the experience to only a small group,” Roque said.

The company also consists of two partners, brothers Kai and Charles Huang, who created Guitar Hero.

2. It Works With Any Music

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The easy part about the system is the fact that you can use your own music sources- everything from YouTube videos to a live instrument to your music library.

Their device has a minus voice feature, that lowers the vocals in songs.

They also have a Singtrix app with over 13,000 streamable tracks, that is owned by 3rd party company.

3. It Helps Anyone Become a Rockstar

VideoVideo related to singtrix enters the ‘shark tank’: 5 fast facts you need to know2014-10-31T14:38:48-04:00

Unlike other machines out there, the system uses advanced vocal effects technology along with a fine-tuned microphone and speaker.

“Singtrix is the only instrument you can play without the need for formal training or extensive practice to sound good. With the confidence of knowing that Singtrix can make you sound like an idol singers, more people will want to experience the excitement of singing and performing,” Devecka said.

4. The System Has 300 Different Efects

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With the turn of a dial, you can pick from over 300 different effects.

One of them turns your voice into harmonies. The system’s pitch correction capability tunes your voice to the music.

There are also some fun presets that have voice morphing and gender-bending effects.

5. The Show Said Mark Wouldn’t Sing, But He Proved Them Wrong

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“Mark was a champ! The show coaches bet us he would not come up and sing! He did,” Berkowitz said.

As far as their appearance on Shark Tank goes, they were approached to come on at a trade show, but declined the offer.

Devecka explained, “The producers were really supportive and encouraging so we changed our minds on the last day of submissions.”

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