The Caddy Girls Enter the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Caddy Girls, a group of professional all- female caddies, enter the Shark Tank on October 17.

Their website explains, “We do the same thing a boy caddy would do, yet we look MUCH better doing it!”

Heavy interviewed its owner and founder, Meghan Tarmey, about her unique business idea and appearance on the reality show.

1. It Was Started By a Cheerleader

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Tarmey was a cheerleader at Coastal Carolina University in her junior year when she thought of the idea.

“I was cheerleading full time and was having issues with bartending until 3 a.m. and then class all day, followed by practice and cheering at games,” she said.

As a bartender, she saw a way to incorporate golf into a business venture.

She explained, “I decided I wanted to make my own schedule, and saw that there had to be a way to capitalize off of the booming golf industry in Myrtle Beach. Golfers, after all, were the biggest spenders at my bar!”

2. They Know Golf

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Tarmey made it clear that all the girls have extensive knowledge of the rules of golf and go through a training process on rules and etiquette on the course.

“It is imperative that we keep our company professional and emphasize that these girls are actual caddies, or forecaddies, and not ‘golf companions’ or ‘novelty caddies,'” she explained.

The girls’ duties include carrying and cleaning clubs, driving carts, fixing divots, reading putts, and finding the beer cart.

3. Meghan Never Thought She Would Be on ‘Shark Tank’

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As a fan of the show, Tarmey always doubted her ability to get chosen as a contestant. In fact, she had filled out all the paperwork, but let it sit in her car, afraid to mail it in.

That all changed after Champagne Wednesday, which she explained is a night she gets together with the caddies.

“I decided to send an email in January directly to casting directors telling them how fabulous my company was. A month later I was working a trade show in Germany and missed several calls from Los Angeles and when I returned I called them right away! I went through a phone interview, onto the next step, onto the application and a video submission….they called me a month after that and told me I was one of the finalists and I pretty much peed my pants,” she said.

In the weeks prior to her appearance, she was so nervous that she actually had nightmares. “I had recurring nightmares where I was just so nervous, I couldnt speak at all when I got in there,” she lamented.

She does admit she became somewhat “obsessed” when it came to prepping for the show. The night before, she even prayed that it would all fare well. Her prayers were answered because she “woke up that Sunday extremely calm and just elated to be there.”

4. The Girls Also Model

Behind the scenes- The Caddy Girls 2015 destination calendar shoot- BiminiMini sneak peek! For our 5th edition of our calendar, we flew 13 of our top golf caddies to the island of Bimini for a four day shoot at Resorts World. For Bookings, signings and appearances: Caddy Girls/models: video/ musical editing:Steph-E MUA: Donovan Cummings Sponsored by: The Resorts World Bimini & Traditional…2014-10-16T19:57:17.000Z

The girls also use their talents in modeling. You can view their photo gallery on their site.

Some come to the job already as models, but others are trained. “Anyone in shape and poised on our team can be a model whether they know it or not, and I always try to set up photoshoots for the girls interested because I believe in them and that they should pursue the modeling world if they want to,” Tarmey said.

The video above shows their 2015 calendar shoot, taken just last week in Bimini in the Bahamas.

5. The Company is Based in South Carolina

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They have 70 caddies from South Carolina, where the business is based out of. The other approximately 150 girls are in FL, GA, NY, NJ, MD, LV, AZ, CA, and PA.

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