‘The Big Bang Theory’ ‘The Prom Equivalency’ Episode: Spoilers & Pictures

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It’s prom season on The Big Bang Theory tonight. On November 6, the gang redoes the high school tradition nerd style.

The crew doesn’t disappoint and the night is complete with confessions, panic attacks, and other nerd-filled drama.

Here are some highlights from the touching episode.

1. Penny Went to 7 Proms

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Bernadette and Amy visit Penny for movie night and find she’s been cleaning out her closet.

When Amy spots a red dress, she says, “What’s this?”
“Believe it or not, that’s my prom dress,” Penny answers, drink in hand.

Incredulously, Bernadette says, “Wow! You still have it. I just assumed it was balled up in the corner of a barn somewhere.”

When Penny asked what kind of teenager the girls think she was, they use the words, “slutty” and “easy.”

Watch the conversation in the clip below.

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2. Amy and Bernie Never Went

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The girls lament that their proms were less than stellar.

They suggest getting all dressed up and taking their significant others to their new version of a prom.

Penny doesn’t love the idea, but goes along with it. The gang recreates the evening on the roof of their building.

3. Howard’s Cousin Is Stuart’s Date

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When Howard finds out Stuart is going, he assumes his mother will accompany him as a date.

Kara Luiz joins the cast tonight as Howard’s cousin Jeanie- the one he admitted to losing his virginity to in a Toyota- who surprised Howie as Stuart’s date.

4. Shamy Has a Touching Moment



As to be expected, Sheldon isn’t comfortable with the traditional of prom. As he fixes his roommie’s tie, Leonard consoles Sheldon by telling him not to feel pressure on prom night.

After Sheldon has a panic attack, Amy also lets him know that she won’t pressure him.

Then Amy confesses her love for him, and Sheldon says it back! Now it’s Amy’s turn to have a panic attack.

5. Emily Has a Dark Side

VideoVideo related to ‘the big bang theory’ ‘the prom equivalency’ episode: spoilers & pictures2014-11-06T13:29:13-05:00

Emily, played by Laura Spencer, returns as Raj’s new girlfriend.

Watch the sneak peek above, where Emily explains her tattoo from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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