David Foster, Yolanda Foster’s Husband: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know


David Foster is a Grammy-winning music producer with a net worth of $30 million, who has worked with every A-list artist you can imagine. He’s also the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster. The two share what appears to be a very supportive and loving relationship. Yolanda feels she should treat her husband like a king and has him write her love letters rather than buy her expensive gifts. David Foster has been by his wife’s side as she battles severe Lyme Disease and he’s also made appearances on her reality show. As far as his own life, read on for the details on his sister having Clay Aiken’s baby, how he first met his wife Yolanda, and what David’s said in the past about the RHOBH.

1. David Foster Actually Met Yolanda Through her Ex-Husband Mohamed Hadid


Yolanda Foster and her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid are extremely friendly and get along quite well. It was actually Mohamed who introduced Yolanda to David. The Daily Mail reported:

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, 50, was introduced to her current husband, music producer David Foster, by her Iraqi estate developer ex three years after their 2003 divorce.

David revealed to Haute Living magazine:

Mohamed and I were friends, and we had this plan that we were going to live together. I was walking around his house, and I saw all these photographs of him and her and their children. I said, “That’s your ex-wife, and I’d like to meet her.” So he introduced us.

Yolanda and Mohamed had a beautiful daughter named Gigi, who has become a big model in New York. She had a high-profile relationship with pop star Cody Simpson and is a featured model with Sports Illustrated. In addition to David Foster being a stepdad to Gigi, Foster has five biological daughters and six grand-kids.

2. He Regrets Divorcing His Ex-Wives


David Foster was married three times before meeting wife Yolanda. His ex-wives were B.J. Cook, Rebecca Dyer and Linda Thompson. David has said that on a personal level he regrets divorcing three times, but says that it all brought him to the love of his life, Yolanda. Because he had so many failed marriages, he actually took things very slow with Yolanda, marrying her five years after they started dating, on November 11, 2011.

3. David Foster Is an Extremely Successful Music Producer to the Stars


David Foster’s professional resume is flooded with names like Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Madonna, as he is an extremely successful music producer. Real Housewives viewers have often seen David playing the piano and performing beautiful music on the show. David is so talented, he has won 16 Grammy Awards from 47 nominations.

4. Reality TV Is Not David’s Thing


David Foster is not a fan of his wife’s participation on the Real Housewives and believes it to be a bit foolish. You may have noticed that he doesn’t often attend events with his wife on the show as he is busy with work and likes to avoid the drama. Despite his reported feelings about some of her cast-mates, David is still very supportive of his wife on the show, telling Haute Living:

It’s called The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, but it’s not all real, as you know. Yolanda is very real and people respond to that in a very positive way. They like her truth.

When Yolanda first joined the show, husband David Foster told the Canadian Press:

She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show. She’s very good at it and she’s very good at giving advice. The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living. It’s a show about nothing basically but people seem to like it. Yolanda seems to enjoy it and I think she comes across very classy on the show and doesn’t really engage much in all the banter that goes on.

Some of the housewives weren’t happy about those comments, particularly Lisa Vanderpump.

5. His Sister Is the Mother of Clay Aiken’s Son

Here’s a crazy and interesting fact – David’s sister, producer Jaymes Foster, is the mother of Clay Aiken’s son, Parker Foster Aiken. On August 8, 2008, Clay Aiken announced the big news on his personal blog, writing:

My dear friend, Jaymes, and I are so excited to announce the birth of Parker Foster Aiken. The little man is healthy, happy, and as loud as his daddy. Mama Jaymes is doing quite well also.

Jaymes Foster was the executive producer of several albums for Aiken.