Madison Hildebrand, ‘Million Dollar Listing LA’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Madison Hildebrand, 34, was one of the original cast members of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, but he didn’t return to the show this season. Nonetheless, Madison makes an appearance tonight on the show’s season finale and viewers are ecstatic to have him back … even if it’s only for one episode. Hopefully, Madison will get the MDLLA itch and come back for good. Madison Hildebrand is a very successful real estate broker with a net worth of about $12 million, specializing in the area of Malibu, California. When Hildebrand left the show, he said it was to pursue other ventures and avenues in his career. Do you think Hildebrand will return as a cast regular again next season? Read on for the details on Madison Hildebrand.

1. Heather Bilyeu and Hildebrand Had a Very Public Falling Out

For years, cast member Heather Bilyeu worked for Madison Hildebrand at Coldwell Banker Real Estate and the two were best friends. Over time, Heather wanted to spread her wings, but felt that Hildebrand couldn’t help her do that. She then befriended Jason Altman, Hildebrand’s nemesis, which caused a giant rift in their friendship. Ultimately, as Bilyeu and Altman started dating more seriously, Hildebrand’s relationship with Bilyeu became strained, leading to its demise. Bilyeu and Altman are now engaged.

2. Hildebrand Returns to Scope Out David and James’ Property Listing

On the season finale of the show, Hildebrand appears to have a look at one of David and James’ listings. Check out a clip of it in the above video.

3. He Appeared on Millionaire Matchmaker With Patti Stanger

On season 5 of Millionaire Matchmaker, Hildebrand’s friend Patti Stanger set him up. You can watch Hildebrand’s dating debut in the above video clip. As far as the details on if Hildebrand ended up with his date in the long-term, Reality Tea reports:

Millionaire Dollar Listing’s Madison Hildebrand explained he was just not sexually attracted to his Robert Pattinson look-a-like, and he is taking time for himself. He was sweet explaining Patti still had to learn how to set up gays. Patti took the criticism well, and she throws out the idea to set up Madison with Andy Cohen.

4. There Have Been Other Successes for Hildebrand Outside of Real Estate

Real estate isn’t the only thing that Hildebrand is good at. In 2009, Hildebrand released a book called “Activate YOUR Passion, Create YOUR Career.” Then, in 2013, Hildebrand launched an exclusive scented candle collection and company called The Malibu Life By Madison Hildebrand. He’s also become a public speaker.

5. Hildebrand Is a Brand Ambassador for Docusign

Recently, Hildebrand became a Brand Ambassador for the eSignature company, DocuSign. writes:

Madison is the ambassador for a new company called DocuSign that aims to eliminate all the paper wasted by businesses everywhere by providing an option to go 100 percent digital — even with signatures. That totally fits with Madison’s socially conscious, high-end, crunchy granola aesthetic. Very Malibu.