Magan Ladner, ‘Party Down South 2’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Magan Ladner is a cast member on Party Down South 2 and CMT describes her as this, “Magan Ladner is a 25-year-old cocktail waitress from Mississippi. This Southern wild child loves hot-boiled crawfish, hot-blooded boys and cold bottles of beer. Just point her to the party and she’s the first one on the dance floor.” Read on for all the facts on Magan, who she gets physical with in the PDS2 house, and all about her naked tendencies.

1. She’s a “Professional Entertainer”

Magan works as a cocktail waitress at a casino, but she also works as a “professional entertainer,” meaning she dances around and lets guys put dollar bills in her pants. She dances on other girls as well. Check it all out in the above video.

2. They Call Her Trouble When She Drinks

Magan is known as the wild child at the party. She spills things, takes off her clothes, fights, and more. We’re sure to see a lot from her this season. Magan is from right where the show is filmed so everyone basically knew her in town. The Sun Herald writes:

Ladner said it was hard focusing on the show when her best friends were partying just down the street while she was in a house full of strangers. But it didn’t take long before the strangers warmed up to each other.

3. She Likes to Be Naked

Magan says she doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but she usually just is and that’s because she’s usually the first one naked. She says it’s been a good night if she doesn’t end up naked. Magan stated:

I don’t need to be the center of attention when I walk into a bar, but I tend to be. But that’s probably because I’m the first one with my clothes off.

4. Magan Knows Miley Cyrus

She knows Miley Cyrus … Well, she met her.

5. Cast Member Tommy Theis Gets Slapped In the Face by Magan

Tommy Theis, Tommy Theis Magan Ladner, Tommy Theis Party Down South 2, PDS2, Party Down South 2 Cast


Magan says she believes in country manners, but that you don’t take shit from anyone. She says she doesn’t catch feelings for guys, but seems to this season with cast-mate Tommy Theis. On one episode she gets very upset with him and slaps him across the face. We’ll have to see what Tommy did to make Magan so angry.