The Natural Grip Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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The Natural Grip entered the Shark Tank on November 7. The episode is rerunning on March 27.

Heavy interviewed owner Ashley Drake about her company that creates grips to better handle fitness equipment.

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1. Ashley’s Husband Originally Created It

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Drake could not find a product that would protect her small hands when she worked out.

After she complained enough about it, her husband decided to make it himself. Now, they use a high grade medical adhesive material made of Zinc Oxide.

The high quality of the materials enables the grip to withstands many workout sessions.

2. Daymond & Robert Tested It Out

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Sharks Robert and Daymond both took the initiative into their own hands, literally.

“It was surprising to see them jump on the Rogue Fitness equipment and get to work, but when your hands are protected with The Natural Grip that is what everyone wants to do,” Drake said.

3. It’s Based on Your Ring Size

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Theirs is the only product on the market that uses this sizing method. The grip goes over your ring and middle finger.

Being customized, it fits seamlessly and makes for a better workout.

In addition, unlike leather options, this grip is thin so you can actually feel the equipment that you are using.

Athletes see the benefits of the product, which eliminates cracked and torn skin.

4. She Prepared for 6 Months

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Drake, who appeared on the show with athlete Danielle Sidell, started the application process in January, and submitted an audition video the following month.

Before her appearance on the show, she prepped for six months.

When asked if she was nervous to fact the sharks, she said “I was very nervous while I waited to go into the tank, but once the doors opened and we were walking down the hallway it was game on!”

5. They Want to Branch Out

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The company sees a future in branching out into sister markets such as bodybuilding, weightlifting, motor-cross and gymnastics.

At this time, more women are purchasing the product, but Drake is starting to see a shift with male users recognizing its value as well.

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