Logan Guleff Wins ‘Masterchef Junior’ Finale 2014

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Logan Guleff, 11, and Samuel Stromberg, 12, went head to head in their full-course battles on tonight’s 2014 finale of Masterchef Junior and the winner was Logan Guleff. The two boys used modern methods to cook with smoking guns and liquid nitrogen in their dishes. Their friends, family, and fellow contestants cheered them each on as they created in-depth cuisine. In addition, the judges were thoroughly impressed as they watched the two boys in action. While cooking, the judges seemed uneasy about Samuel waiting too long to cook his fish and Logan using a goat cheese mousse in his dessert, but the dishes each looked amazing.

Let’s start with Samuel, who picked an Asian theme for his finale foods. Gordon Ramsay adored Samuel’s first course, though he felt it was slightly overdone. Judge Graham Elliot said he liked the idea of the chicken better than the actual flavor. Samuel’s second course was an Arctic Char, with table-side service for the sauce. The cook on the fish was perfect, which gave Samuel relief. Judge Bastianich had not one bad thing to say about the dish, though Elliot felt the dish was a little heavy. Overall, the judges loved it. For Samuel’s dessert, he made a Kaffir Lime Panna Cotta and Elliot was head over heels for it. Ramsay gushed over the dish as well, along with Bastianich who called the course brilliant.

For Logan’s first course, he served a spot prawns dish with smoked aioli that Ramsay gushed over. Judge Elliot loved the dish as well, but said that the olives over-powered the dish a bit. Judge Joe Bastianich was a big fan as well. Logan’s second course was a salt-crusted Branzino. It was an odd-looking dish and the judges couldn’t wait to see how the fish was cooked under such a large crust. Judge Bastianich said that Logan nailed it with the fish and it tasted amazing. The other judges loved the dish as well, though Ramsay felt he could have chosen a better sauce to pair with the dish. Logan’s dessert was a Meyer Lemon Madeleine with a berry compote and goat cheese mousse. Elliot thought the dish was sophisticated and balanced, while Ramsay thought the dish was brilliant. Judge Bastianich echoed their comments.

The winner took home $100,000 as a prize, plus a trophy.

Overall, the judges couldn’t get over the amazing dishes they were served by chefs who were only 11 and 12 years old.

The next season of Masterchef Junior begins on FOX on January 6, 2014.