‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Series Finale: Jax Teller’s Best Quotes Over The Years

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It’s Jax Teller’s “final ride” on the series finale of Sons Of Anarchy tonight. As far as what you can expect in the finale episode, Christian Today writes:

Jax has been trying to keep SAMCRO in line with his father’s vision by getting rid of the guns, violence and mayhem. But as fans have seen, Jax wasn’t all that successful. In “Papa’s Goods,” Jax evaluates his life and at the same time, worries about the legacy he will leave behind. Jax has sons and for sure, he doesn’t want his sons to experience the life he had and suffer from the consequences of his actions, too.

In the final episode, a quote by Shakespeare appears on the screen at the very end. Read it in the below tweet:

Now let’s look back on all the best quotes from the show over the years, celebrating Jax Teller, the late Gemma, and all the other club members we’ve lost.

Not my place to judge. We all fall down. It’s about how we get up. – Gemma

After everything she did, all the lies and the death and the wreckage, I still love her. She’s my mom. – Jax

The phrase “Mommy fetish” coming out of the mouth of my own mother should never happen again. – Jax

How’d we get from kids to cock sucking that quickly? – Gemma

If I were you.. I get that gun.. put it in my mouth and pull the trigger. – Chibbs

A true outlaw finds the balance between the passion in his heart and the reason in his mind. The outcome is the balance of might and right. – Jax

Gemma knows every truth behind every lie inside every secret. She’s the gatekeeper. – Juice

I’m sorry that the family I was given has created such chaos in the family I’ve chosen. I hope you know I love you all very much. – Jax

I know you’ll face pain, suffering, hard choices but you can’t let the weight of it choke the joy out of your life. No matter what, you have to find the things that love you. Run to them. – Jax

How many dead babies does it take to ruin a carpet? – Gemma

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