Meet Natalie DiDonato of ‘Mob Wives’

Natalie DiDonato

There's a new Natalie on the cast of Mob Wives as Natalie DiDonato (Nat D.) brings the dirt on current cast member Natalie Guercio. When Drita D'Avanzo was doing the makeup for a photo shoot in Philadelphia, she gets acquainted with DiDonato, who is not a fan of Guercio. She basically says that Guercio is crazy and bad news, telling D'Avanzo to be careful around her. DiDonato also reveals that Guercio is a "cop-caller" because she called the police on an ex. When Guercio hears about this, she makes it a point to try to dig up as much dirt as she can on DiDonato. Like the other women on the show, DiDonato has a mob connection. According to VH1, her cousin Frankie "Flowers" D'Alfonso. His nickname was flowers because his family owned a flower shop.

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